In-house development and production allow us to offer inks with unrivalled quality and runnability at competitive prices

SPGPrints' inks guarantee unattended printing without nozzle blockages or print head failures. Runnability and colour gamut are key. SPGPrints inks are available in several chemistries: Reactive inks, Acid inks and Sublimation inks.

Digital inks for all major industrial printheads and fabrics

We produce inks for most major industrial print heads and a wide range of fabrics. For digital printers, equipped with Kyocera, KonicaMinolta or Panasonic print heads, we offer our Nebula digital inks range (Reactive HD, Acid HD, Sublimation and Disperse). For printers using Epson print heads, we offer our Flare reactive and sublimation inks. For printers with SPGPrints’ proprietary Archer® Technology we offer Archer® Reactive, Acid or Sublimation inks.

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Full range of inks for all leading industrial print heads and fabrics

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Learn how Si--MEMS enabled SAMBA print heads maintain thermal stability at a very low level of heat throughout the printing process. This is a key print head requirement for achieving long runs in industrial environments.

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