Digital Textile Printing

Enjoy the benefits of a total digital textile printing solution


We offer you the best digital printing benefits

Unleash your possibilities

High resolution, fine patterns and unlimited color combinations

Cost effective solution

Low initial costs as no screens need to be engraved for individual patterns

Sustainable commitment

A sustainable solution: less ink waste and high savings on energy and water

Pushing boundaries

Unlimited repeat size as rotary screen circumference is not a limiting factor

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Everything you need to grow your digital textile printing business

Whether you need for your digital textile printing applications, SPGPrints is here to help you to meet any challenge and grow your business.

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Key benefits for digital textile printing

The total package to meet your needs

Our digital fabric printers

in different types and models offer you the assurance of high quality and reliability.

Our service & maintenance

are unrivaled due to our huge printing expertise and worldwide presence.

Our digital inks

were developed specifically to get the best possible performance from your digital fabric printer.

Key benefits

The quality and versatility that your customers demand

Using SPGPrints digital textile printing technology will help you to meet demands for high-quality designs, short-runs and rapid-turnarounds. SPGPrints digital fabric printers can be used for printing on silk, polyester, viscose and numerous other organic materials like cotton, wool and linen.

Enhance your market potential by adding digital

As the inventors of rotary screen printing, our expertise is not limited to digital textile printing but encompasses textile printing in general. If you want to add digital printing to rotary screen printing in order to complement your portfolio, we will help you to create maximum synergy.

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Discover our full digital textile printing portfolio

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Find the best suitable digital textile printer for your specific needs and customer demands and learn the most important factors to consider when selecting your ideal printing machine.

Enjoy the benefits of a total digital textile printing solution

SPGPrints offers a uniquely convenient total solution that includes digital textile printing machines, service & maintenance and digital inks.

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