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Cost-effective production of high-quality output with digital textile printers

Fill the gap between demand and supply with a digital textile printer. Design versatility, cost-effective production and uninterrupted printing will help your business grow.

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Must-knows about Digital Textile Printers

  • Digital textile printing allows faster response to last-minute changes in demand or design. 
  • This plays a particularly big role nowadays, as people are ordering more and more textile products online
  • Digital Textile Printers can print on a wide range of fabrics
  • The reliability of a Digital Textile Printer allows you to guarantee production capacity and image quality at the right costs.
  • Curious to discover more? Discover our full digital textile printing portfolio and the possibilities of each application:

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Today, almost any printer is capable of printing fast enough. Speed is still an important specification, but reliability is now what makes the difference in terms of cost-effectiveness.


Sustainability is also a specification that has become much more important. Not only does the production process have to be environmentally friendly; textiles are also reused more often. For this reason, printed designs must last a long time.


Reshoring is a trend in the textile printing industry. Textiles are printed closer to the customer. Therefore, we also supply our products locally with offices around the globe.

Combining with Rotary

Digital Textile Printers are often used alongside traditional Rotary Screens Printing Machines; many companies combine digital and conventional! After all, each application calls for its own solution!

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Innovative benefits of digital textile printers. Achieve higher standards of quality on the widest range of fabrics. With a Digital Textile Printer, you’re able to bring new ideas faster to the market in a fast, cost-effective way.


New perspective in industrial sublimation printing

If you are looking to replace your digital printer or to add more capacity, Rose offers a great new perspective. Looking at the needs of our  customers in fashion and sportswear, we designed Rose to help you achieve efficient production and a good TCO, based on a robust design for maximum uptime. 

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Rose digital printer

The optimal solution for your entry into digital printing

Violet provides industrial performance and more sustainable, high quality digital printing at a profitable cost level.

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Violet digital printer

Vivid colours in sustainable printing

If you ever thought about adding digital printing to your rotary textile printing, now is the time to step into a colourful world with new possibilities. With Jasmine as your digital platform, you can offer flexibility, stunning designs and faster lead times to new and existing customers. 

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Jasmine digital printer

The next step up in digital textile printing

The Magnolia from SPGPrints offers unsurpassed quality and value to textile printers who are taking the first step into digital production. It also offers a step up to high-performance, high-quality production for printers who wish to develop their digital capabilities further. Combined with the unique, unrivalled native 1200 dpi resolution, this also allows the printing of very fine lines and geometric designs that no other digital printer on the market can match.

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Magnolia digital printer

Single-pass Digital Textile Printer: a new standard

With its industry-leading speeds, precision geometrics and low running costs, this digital textile printer represents a new performance benchmark for textile printing with print volumes of 4 to 20 million linear meters per year. PIKE is known for its fast delivery, reliability,  design versatility as well as print head performance and costs. 


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Increased demands for shorter runs

How Tekboy Tekstil reaches faster production rates with a Digital Textile Printer

Turkish manufacturer Tekboy managed to keep up with their customer demands with the help of a digital textile printer. Discover their success story here.

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"Outstanding quality and productivity were important factors in our investment decision. We were very impressed when we produced challenging designs, such as geometrics and blotches, at relatively high speeds".

Süha Artun

Factory Manager Tekboy Tekstil

More than just a supplier of Digital Textile Printers

Working with a Digital Textile Printer goes beyond just buying a new printing machine. Your new printer must be tailored as closely as possible to your printing process and the needs of your customers. Only then will you get the best result that customers come back for. 

That's why SPGPrints also goes the extra mile. Further than just a supplier. After all, a strategic partner is much more valuable!

A strategic partner does more than just deliver your new digital textile printer to your doorstep; such a partner thinks along with you about how to optimize your printing process as much as possible, for years to come!

Being a Strategic Printer Partner means:

  • Helping our customers with years of experience and extensive knowledge of textile printing
  • Being present locally; our experts are located all over the world
  • Thinking along with our customers about how to make printing processes as efficient as possible
Key benefits

Creating the optimal future-proof digital textile printing process

Digital Sublimation Printing can help you to print quickly and efficiently, in the most sustainable way. Therefore, it is known as one of the most future-proof printing techniques around. 

Are you curious whether Sublimation Printing is the right digital printing method for your application and manufacturing process? 

Request a Personal Sample, discuss your manufacturing process and challenges with our experts and receive a tailored sample of your application!

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  • Make your specific printing process future-proof
  • Discover what your end products will look like if printed with a Digital Sublimation Printer
  • Find out how this Digital Textile Printer adds value for you and your customers


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