Let rotary screen printing upscale your production capacity

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Maximize productivity, minimize downtime

The RSI Line's rotary screen printing process allows you to keep printing continuously. With the availability of seamless screens you can even print endless patterns.

Reduce waste

The continuous nature of the rotary screen printing process implies that waste risks are strongly reduced.

Achieve optimum output

The rotary screen continuously rotates in the same direction at stable speed. As a result, you will achieve the highest possible output quality, over and over again.

Unparalleled layer thickness

Apply any ink or paste in thicknesses of up to 250 micrometer, in one single run, in a completely controlled manner.

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A world of new possibilities within your reach

The RSI Line has proven to be very effective for printing diabetic strips for glucose testing, Covid-19 testing strips and similar biosensors. Other successful applications include flexible solar cells, printing batteries and RFID tags. The possibilities are endless.

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Our key benefits for healthcare

The total package to meet your needs

Easy operation and monitoring

Due to clever software integration and user-friendliness RSI Line operator need limited training. Your desired production levels can be achieved within weeks after delivery. What's more, one operator suffices to do the job.

Enhance your productivity and precision levels

The non-stop rotary screen printing process applied in the RSI Line is particularly suitable for printing high volumes in a short timeframe. Ink, glue, paste and conductive inks (silver and carbon) are applied faster than with any other printing technique, with high levels of precision.

Key benefits
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Besides your custom-made RSI Line SPGPrints can also provide the necessary consumables (screens) as well as pre-press equipment with which you can manufacture your own screens.

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