Digital textile printing ink

Digital Printing Ink for Textiles

Select the perfect ink for your end product and make sure you get the most out of your fabrics. Find out everything about Digital Printing Ink for Textile on this page. 

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Good to know

  • Digital textile printing inks must match your printer and substrate perfectly for best results. 
  • SPGPrints offers Digital Printing ink for textiles in four different chemistries: Reactive, Acid, Sublimation and Pigment.
  • The fabric you print on determines the type of ink you need. For example, acid inks are mainly used on wool and silk.
  • Looking for the best ink for your textile printing job? Our updated Ink Selection Guide gets you started:

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Avoiding blockages and defects

The Digital Textile Printing Ink you use should fit your printer and printheads perfectly. This makes sure blockages and defects are averted.

The right chemistry for your fabric

Secondly, the fit between ink and fabric is very important. The type of fabric you are going to print dictates which ink type(s) you can use.

Runnability and color gamut

Two of the distinctive factors of ink are runnability and colour gamut. The colour gamut determines how bright the colours are that you can print. Runnability determines that you can print without image defects and without frequent stops to clean the printheads.

Local assistance

As we are located all over the world and produce inks ourselves from scratch, your perfect ink is always within reach.

In-house development and production enable our inks with unrivaled quality and runnability at competitive prices.

Reactive Inks

Create vibrant and durable prints on natural fibers with reactive inks

The most extensive range of products suitable for both entry-level and premium luxury fashion. 

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Acid inks

Maintain high-quality on protein-based fibers with acid inks

Suitable for applications where vibrant colors, intricate details, and durability is essential. 

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Pigment Inks

The solution for blended fabrics

Suitable for creating fine art prints and reproductions that need to maintain soft hand feel and deep colors while maintaining high runnability. 

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Sublimation Inks

Print sustainable on polyester fabrics with sublimation ink

Without the need for washing and steaming, sublimation ink is one of the most sustainable technologies on the market. 

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Sublimation Paper

Leaf sublimation paper. Improved efficiency and enhanced print quality

Achieve brilliant colours and unrivalled uptime with sublimation paper. Print sustainable without the need to steam and wash while maintaining quality. 

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How to select the best ink?

Selection Guide for Digital Textile Printing Ink

Select the type of ink that best suits your production process and excel in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

Download your selection guide

New formula to make Digital Printing Inks for Textile prepared for the future

Based on all know-how and experience from 30 years of ink development, our experts are continuously working on Digital Textile Printing inks with maximal colour efficiency, made with the best available dyes. 

But that’s not all - sustainability is more important than ever. 

That’s why we prepare our inks for the future. When selecting ink components, we take all known substances on the Restricted Substance List (RSL) into account. This way, all guidelines from REACh, Oekotex and ZDHC are being met. 

The technology we use to make our Digital Printing Inks for Textile more sustainable, is called N▸RICH Technology.

Key features N▸RICH Technology:

  • All known Restricted Substance Lists are taken into account when selecting the ink components
  • Fit for purpose: providing the best colour solutions for each application need
  • Enrich your production: a true added value to each digital printing solution
Key benefits
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Performance Levels: for every challenge a Digital Textile Printing ink

There is an appropriate ink solution for every demand. 

After all, the optimal mix of colour intensity and economics is defined by the application. It is quite a difference if you are printing fashion or home decor designs and whether you are printing for a brand or manage your own collection.

That is why we have created different performance levels. We named these levels after the most colourful animals in nature: butterflies. With the right combination of selected colours from our three performance levels Pasha, Morpho and Alcon, you can achieve the same quality on your fabrics today as you used to reach with only the top line inks. But the resulting price per meter is much more attractive!

Performance Levels

Digital Textile Inks for all printheads and fabrics

As stated before, it is crucial that the digital textile printing ink you use matches your printer and the fabric perfectly. 

That’s why a supplier with a broad range of inks is crucial for success. 

If you have a printer with SPGPrints’ proprietary Archer Technology, special Archer inks (Reactive, Acid or Sublimation) will give you the best printing result. SPGPrints has developed inks for all the major printhead types, so no matter what printer you use, SPGPrints has matching inks that boost your printing process.

In short, for every situation, there is a Digital Printing Ink for Textile that perfectly fits the printer and fabric. Reach out to our experts for your perfect solution.

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