Developing special screens as production tools

Screens for non-woven production

The non-woven market is very large, and distributed globally. SPGPrints is currently active in a production technology called spunlace or hydro-entanglement. For this we offer a series of special screens that perform an essential role within the production.

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Must-knows about screens for non-woven production

  • The spunlace technique, also referred to as hydro-entanglement,
    is mostly used in the production of thinner materials used for disposable hygiene products like diapers and wipes. This is a healthily growing segment within non-woven, and has a great technology fit with our type of screens.
  • We have improved our nickel screens specifically for the key applications within hydro-engtanglement, such as baby care, personal hygiene, medial can household. Working closely with customers is our goal to improve non-woven features such as design, sofness, drape, tensile strength, absorbance etcetera.
Highest reliability on the market

In the competitive non-woven industry, minimizing downtime is essential for maximizing profitability in production. Our specialized designs minimizes edge tearing on the screen, thereby extending its durability. With SPGPrints' screens you can trust that your operations will run smoothly and efficiently.

Specially designed for you

If your production demands something beyond the ordinary, SPGPrints is your answer. We specialize in crafting custom-made solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Effective screen structures can minimize your (energy) costs.

Expert support & service

When it comes to selecting the ideal screen solution for your needs, you can rely on the expertise of SPGPrints. Our professionals guide you through the process, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Innovations in sustainability

We're committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability in every aspect of production. Therefore, we have developed eco-friendly screens that use less water compared to conventional methods.

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High quality nickel screens for demanding non-woven production

Screens for non-woven production

The following product range is among our portfolio for the Non-woven industry:

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Web Interchange Devices (WID)

These screens can be produced up to 5,1m width, and are used to transport the non-woven web between processes in the production line. WID’s need to be very accurate in the open area distribution in the circumference and width to allow a sensitive hand over of the carded nonwoven (web forming section) to the entanglement process (web bonding section). The long experience in screen making processes allows us to produce such reliable specifications and has made us the Nr. 1 supplier.

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Micro-perforated cylinders / shells (MPC/MPS)

These screens are used in the first step of water entanglement. They are perforated with a hole matrix, either in a random, oriented random or regular mesh structure. The number of holes, the orientation of the hole raster and the open area and hole size contribute essentially to the entanglement effect and to the homogeneous look of the non-woven. Depending on the fabric weight and fiber mix, it can be advantageous to use different configurations. The production of pure pulp based non-wovens is an example of a material which requires new and finer structures.

Non woven screen

Nickel Compound Screen (NCS)

The nickel compound screen is a composite product with a thickness up to 2mm. It consists on a base nickel screen, which is laminated with a polymer layer and finally plated again. The polymer layer can be engraved in a three dimensional way; in the cross-section it can show conical apertures with soft flanks or sharp edges with vertical walls. This allows subtle effects which can give a product a unique look, showing apertures or soft embossing effects.

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If you have any questions about our special screens for non-woven production, you can always contact our specialists. By requesting a Proof of Concept, you can discover what this technique can do for your manufacturing right away. We’d love to hear your challenges and opportunities.