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Taking care of our planet

"Printing Tomorrow" is about more than shaping the future of printing technology. It's also about doing what we can to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. For SPGPrints that means to:

  • be frugal and set out to prevent waste to save energy, water and chemicals
  • invest in our people
  • act with integrity and be transparent in our interactions with all stakeholders
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Frugal with energy, water and chemicals

At SPGPrints saving energy, water and chemicals is a priority. We monitor and purify the water and air we use before it leaves the factories and process our waste responsibly, observing local regulations and standards.

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Assist you to reduce manufacturing footprint

Our drive to reduce waste translates into our products and services. We take different kinds of action to reduce the environmental footprint of textile manufacturing as a whole. These activities are grouped in 3 categories:

  • More sustainable products and solutions
  • Greater process efficiency
  • Longer equipment lifespan
Frugal with materials

Invest in people

SPGPrints not only invests in technology but also in people. With good working conditions and armed with the right expertise, they contribute to our future and that of our customers.

Good and safe working conditions are a given. Accidents are reported, investigated and corrective actions are taken. Protocols and policies are audited. 

Moving beyond safety, we strive towards employee engagement. This is measured by an annual engagement survey. Employee engagement is achieved when our employees score 70% or higher.


employee engagement

Act with integrity and be transparent

SPGPrints takes ownership to act professionally and with integrity.

To this aim there are clear and transparent Rules of Conduct describing our interactions with stakeholders, all based on integrity, trust and transparency. Awareness of the Code of Conduct is created by a mandatory, annual online refresh training and test.

Checks and balances are built into our financial processes. The financial process is audited on a regular basis.

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