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For any type of fiber

With various options in terms of hole amounts, hole sizes and hole distributions you can be sure to achieve the best and most efficient results for different fiber compositions and substances.

Uniform and perfect nonwovens

Our portfolio includes specially designed screens for de-airing and hydroentanglement (spunlacing). For the entanglement process we offer micro porous shells (MPS) that ensure uniform and perfect fabrics.

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If your business requires large volumes of high-quality nonwoven fabrics, SPGPrints offers a unique technology that is certain to give you a competitive edge.

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This is your chance to be unique in your market

As the ultimate specialist in rotary screen technology, we uniquely offer special screens for manufacturing and finishing hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics that will make you unique in your market.

Our versatile rotary screen technology will meet your every requirement

We excel at manipulating the direction and shape of the nickel plating we apply to our rotary screens. As a result we can provide screens to meet any challenge. No matter how stringent or unusual your design requirements, with our technology there are no obstacles to stop you from meeting them.

Why SPGPrints

A world of possible applications to be explored

Our technology offers countless possible applications to replace less efficient technologies currently used, in all kinds of market segments. To name an example, our expertise in applying and distributing perforations allows us to help ink toner manufacturers to achieve the required degree of precision filtration.

Add priceless value to your nonwoven product

During the hydro-entangling process you can add any desired pattern, no matter how complicated, to the fabric by embossing or perforation.

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We gladly challenge you take a look at your own process, think out of the box and tell us what you need. Chances are that we can provide you with a winning answer.

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