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Mass-produced Nickel Electrode for Hydrogen Evolution

Alkaline water electrolysis

SPGPrints is a producer of Nickel screens for the printing & tooling industry. The nickel screens that are produced have a high open area and high surface area. This makes the screens very suitable as electrodes in the alkaline hydrogen production.

Tailor made, fully recyclable

The screens are mass produced in the Netherlands on a continuous roll out of pure electroformed nickel. As the nickel is pure, the electrodes are fully recyclable. The screens will be delivered in flat sheets, made to size.

High efficiency at high current densities

The SPGPrints Nickel electrode material is suppremly suited for use at high current densities. The mass produced material is aimed at large scale hydrogen production.

Various applications possible

In addition to their application as nickel electrodes in alkaline water electrolysis, these screens serve versatile purposes, functioning effectively as Flow fields (3D shaped mattress) or as lye filters.

Benefits of screen printing for scaling up in clean energy

Screen printing emerges as an ideal response to the surging demand for clean energy solutions. This method allows for the production of materials on a large scale and through uninterrupted printing processes, offering a clear pathway to amplifying your production capabilities.

As SPGPrints focuses on printed electronics in several industries, applications in flexible solar and flexible heating are already being produced with our machines.

Flexible solar

Screen printing is being used in the production of different types of flexible solar panels, for use in small IOT-devices, as well as large surface building solutions.

Flexible heating

Printing of PTC-inks on flexible substrates is being used for automotive applications, like car seat heating and other surface heating elements. SPGPrints also has customers producing large roles of underfloor heating foil.

Other Applications
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