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Engraving for textile

The easiest way to produce high-quality textile printing screens is by using state of the art laser engraving and laser exposing technology.

Perfect quality, a short time to print, high reproducibility, eco-friendly: finding the most suitable rotary screen engraving machine can provide your printing business with many benefits.


State of the art laser engraving and laser exposing technology

SPGPrints' engraving technology has been the undisputed leader in the textile industry for over 37 years, offering a fast, efficient, high-quality and eco-friendly approach to imaging.

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Developed, engineered and produced in SPGPrints Austria
Repeatable, consistent quality, reliability and high productivity
Constant improvements in functions/productivity development
End to end solution - from digital design to functional print
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Discover the textile laser engraving possibilities

The divers possibilities for your rotary printing screen challenges

SPGPrints is proud to introduce:

  • Laser Engraving technology
  • Laser Exposing technology
  • Conventional pre-print equipment
  • Engraving service with Design studio (Repro)
  • CAD software bestIMAGE



MAPEL - Direct laser engraver

The MAPLE is SPGPrints‘ market-leading direct laser engraving system and improved evolution of our bestLEN. This engraving machine fulfills all demanding conditions of the textile market.


LARCH - Direct laser engraver

The LARCH , previous ecoLEN, was developed for engraving departments which need a smaller amount of engraved screens, but do not want to make compromises in quality.


ASPEN - Direct laser exposer

SPGPrints’ ASPEN is the recently released and improved model of our successful smartLEX. The multibeam technology and easy operation due to our SMART GUI software enables to produce high quality screens without complex
engraving job preparation.

engraving shop

Full service engraving shop

SPGPrints offers a full-service engraving shop, from design studio repro to ready-to-print engraved rotary screens.


Good to know

Direct laser engraving is a significant step forward in a sustainability production process:

  • A single step dry process eliminates water consumption entirely.
  • Reduced operational costs due to a more efficient engraving process. (fewer steps)
  • Lower reject rates through minimized human interaction. 

By adopting direct laser engraving, we are committed to reducing our enviromental impact while maintaining high-quality production standards. This innovation supports our ongoing efforts to operate more sustainable and responsible. 

Laser Engraving technology

Most sustainable way - laser engraving technology

Direct Laser Engraving is a single step dry process that eliminates water consumption entirely. Simply engrave your coated screen with your desired design and print. It eliminates costly consumables like film or ink, and time-consuming and error-prone processes like exposing and washing.



Discover MAPLE

Discover our laser exposing technology

Direct laser exposing technology use film or ink-masking. SPGPrints offers an easy integrable machine with a smart engraving workflow due to an in-house developed software, for customers who already have the wet process, but who want to improve their quality, output and productivity. SPGPrints‘ multibeam laser diode technology made it possible to offer high performance on an affordable investment level.


Conventional pre-print equipment

SPGPrints offers a wide range of high-end conventional pre-print Equipment

In order to achieve a high-quality printing result the following equipment, depending on your engraving challenge, is important to implement.

  • Coater MANDARIN
  • Polymerizer ORANGE
  • Climatizer PEAR
  • Developer CHERRY
  • Gluer APRICOT
  • Light stand ALMOND
  • Unpacker OLIVE

Engraving service & Design studio

Our experienced design studio works out the repro using bestIMAGE software. SPGPrints state of the art MAPLE engraver transfers the images to the screens. We supply engraved screens in industries like

  • Textile
  • Wallpaper
  • Label
  • Technical applications (aircraft, automotive, 3D prints)
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CAD/CAM Software

Efficient, flexible and compatible CAD/CAM software bestIMAGE for the textile market

Defining and editing designs are simpler than ever using our bestIMAGE software. This modular and user-friendly CAD software allows easy and efficient textile design development. The new software is an “open platform”, that is fully compatible with all systems: MAPLE, LARCH and ASPEN, as well as a host of non-SPGPrints engravers. One module of bestIMAGE “flexo power” is used in the industrial prepress.

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Laser engraving and laser exposing technology options for your challenges

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