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Innovative Rotary Screens and Digital Inks

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We offer a complete consumables programme, including NovaScreen®, PentaScreen®, StandardScreen, SpecialScreen®, endrings, lacquers and chemicals that comply to rigorous quality and sustainability specifications.

Digital Inks

SPGPrints invented digital textile printing 30 years ago and since then has helped to bring the technology to where it is today. We offer the best possible solutions for printing on textiles or interior decor with digital technology. We have only one aim: to make sure that you get the highest performing and most reliable digital printing system available in the world today.

More about our Digital Inks

Rotary Screens

SPGPrints rotary screen systems provide customers a way to adopt the rotary screen process and integrate it seamlessly into their workflow for a fast return on investment. With our broad choice of printing modules, screens and pre-print systems, we can offer a solution tailored to the application, budget and volume requirements of the printer.

Screens for Label Printing Screens for Industrial Printing


SPGPrints’ SpecialScreen has been specifically developed to enable effects like glitter and puff print. It offers great coverage and high stability while reducing blockages. SPGPrints’ SpecialScreens are characterised by extremely high quality and durability, which also contributes to lengthened lifespans.

Screens for Industrial Applications

Endrings & Chemicals

Our delivery programme contains endrings, gearwheels, squeegee blades, chemicals and emulsions for rotary screens that are developed to achieve the highest quality results.

More about our Endrings & Chemicals for Rotary Screen Printing

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