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A beneficial partnership in digital pigment printing

Success story
By using digital pigment printing for certain products, we can be more competitive in certain markets.”

Jesús Ferre Aracil – Production Manager, Creaciones Euromoda

Maintaining the highest quality possible while being competitive was not the only goal for Creaciones Euromoda:

  • Handfeel
    Euromoda wanted to offer the most optimal handfeel for their products. With the enormous improvements in pigment ink, this could be achieved. 

  • Reduce environmental impact
    Reducing the environmental impact of products is what Euromoda strives to achieve. Because pigment ink requires less water consumption, this helps them in their pursuit of this goal.

  • Ease of use
    Euromoda requires a solution that would make their process more efficient and without hassle after a production stop. 

Digital Pigment Printing revolutionizes the textile industry. It can help you, like in the case of Euromoda, maintain your high quality whilst working more efficiently and environmentally friendly.


Discover how Euromoda maintained quality and was price competitive

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A story about innovative solutions being used to their maximal potential

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