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Boosting digital output by the factor of five


In trying to keep up with the demands of their customers from the fashion industry, Adalberto faced some challenges that stood in their way to growth:


  • Efficiency
    Adalberto wanted to offer new standards of quality and production efficiency to their international customer base.

  • Addresses the growth of fast-fashion
    Over the years, fast-fashion has has revolutionized every aspect of the fashion industry. Nowadays, fashion brands want to instantly respond to emerging trends, produce small quantities of a particular design and have it in stores as quickly as possible.

  • Decline run-lenghts
    Adalberto needed to decline run-lengths because of the frequent design changes of their customers.

  • Complex designs
    Adalberto noticed the growing demand for more challenging designs. Fashion brands demand more colors and finer detail.

  • Innovation
    To maintain a competitive advantage, Adalberto needed to keep up with developments in the textile industry and get ahead of their competition.
Digital printing revolutionizes the textile industry. It can help  you, like in the case of Adalberto, keep up with your customer's demands, produce more complex designs and produce at a faster rate.

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A story about offering new standards of quality and production

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