Rotary Screen Textile Printing Equipment

For high-quality and reliable printing

The right rotary print system for every print job

SPGPrints provides high-quality solutions that allow textile printers everywhere to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability. Our product portfolio contains innovative, reliable systems to suit all levels of investment. We offer everything from complete installations of new printing lines to upgrades of existing equipment.


Reliable and sharp registration ensures the highest print quality, no matter what the run length.

Specially designed for high-volume operations, SPGPrints’ RD8 printer combines high productivity, rapid design changeovers, straightforward operation and quality consistency with minimal manual input. Its robust drive system provides the basis for decades of uninterrupted service, even in tropical and humid conditions.

Pegasus EVO

high-quality and reliable printing

The Pegasus offers all the functionalities requested by our most demanding customers. The technology used is based on our experience in rotary screen printing, and complemented by sophisticated components and production technologies. The improved price-performance ratio, combined with the service and stability of the Stovec organisation, is the perfect solution for high-quality and reliable printing.

Find out how Rotary Screen Printing
can innovate your textile business

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