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Digital pre-press workflows for imaging flexo, rotary screens, dry-offset and letterpress

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State of the art Laser Engraving and Laser Exposing technology

SPGPrints offers simplified, automated, digital and conventional Pre-press workflows for flexo, rotary screens, dry-offset and letterpress processes. Digital Pre-press greatly improves throughput: not only are imaging cycles complete within fast time-frames; it is also possible to image multiple plates or screens at once. This means greatly improved handling and logistical efficiencies in your workflow.

Laser Engraving technology

Direct Laser Engraving systems provide fully digital single-step imaging: the plate, rotary screen or sleeve is engraved and, after a short rinse, is ready for the press. A CO2 laser burns away the non-image area of the printing forme, which can be polymer, elastomer or lacquer used for rotary screens.

The engraving is controlled by SPGPrints’ proprietary 3D Active RIP software, which also allows three-dimensional dot-shaping to prevent over-impression of smaller elements. 

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rotaLEN - Direct Laser Engraving

Direct Laser Engraver specially designed for label and security market

The rotaLEN can easily be integrated into the existing workflow and engraves images on to RotaMesh® and RotaPlate® screen material, in a one-step dry and fully digital process. With the shortest possible time-to-press and perfect reproducibility, no remakes due to film or wash-out issues, the rotaLEN allows an economical and cost-effective screen-making workflow.

Laser Exposing technology

Laser Exposing systems, such as the variLEX, offer a two-step imaging process: a black mask is burned away by laser diodes, and the underlying material is exposed. The plate is washed and dried, then prepared for press. Suited for plates and flat screen meshes, variLEX comes with SPGPrints’ unique software solutions, including a database-driven on-the-fly RIP, enabling the use of all common industry graphics files.

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variLEX - CTP Laser Exposing

The most flexible, high-quality pre-press solution for the label and flexible packaging industry.

The variLEX is SPGPrints’ answer for situations where a multifunctional CTP solution is needed. The dynamic market and the ongoing technological developments force the printing industry to increase the quality and improve the flexibility in file formats and printing technologies for flexo, dry offset and rotary screen printing.

Conventional Pre-press equipment

SPGPrints offers a fully modular, economic and accurate sceen-making workflow by conventional method, for narrow-web, mid-web or semi-rotary applications. We offer a wide range of high-end conventional Pre-press Equipment such as:

  • coaters
  • dryers
  • endring gluers
  • exposers and developers
  • wash-out tables
  • polymerisers
  • inspection tools
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RotaPlate Dev & Dry The missing link in your Pre-press

RotaPlate Dev & Dry system provides a fast, ergonomic and automated means of developing and drying RotaPlate rotary screens, for narrow web applications, in a one-step, quality-assured process. RotaPlate Dev & Dry is an essential tool that completes your CtS system and also improves the quality of your conventional process.

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