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Rotary Screen Printing for Textile: productive and efficient printing of high-qualitative textile

Rotary Screen Textile Printing solutions will make your production more efficient, making sure lead times and deadlines won’t be an issue. Find out how SPGPrints’ Rotary Screen Printing for Textile can innovate your textile business on this page.

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Good to know about Rotary Screen Printing for Textile

  • Rotary Screen Printing for Textile was first launched by SPGPrints in 1963 when the company was still called Stork.
  • The world’s first seamless rotary screen provided a completely new, fast and efficient fabric printing process.
  • In the years that followed, countless high-quality solutions were added to the world of Rotary Screen Printing. 
  • There even are Rotary Screens specifically made for printing on fleece, printing blotches, or printing longer runs.
Boost your productivity

A rotary printing process means you can keep printing until the entire print run is finished. This makes Rotary Screen Printing one of the most productive printing processes.

Print with high reliability

Provided the technology is reliable and doesn't stall, of course. That’s why reliability is one of the most important assets when creating a Rotary Screen Printing machine.

Increase your efficiency

For textile printing companies, lead time is one of the most pressing factors for every print run. Is the entire run ready on time for the customers to get their product? By printing most efficiently, you will have no issues concerning lead time.

Raise your profitability

Printing more productively and efficiently will consequently mean a more profitable printing process. Reliable screens and Rotary Screen Printing machines will cause less downtime, which results in more time to actually make profit.

Gain your competitive advantage. Your customers expect the highest quality levels; this is how you control each parameter and reach unrivaled printing quality.

Our products

Discover the various Rotary Screen Textile Printing machines

With a partner that offers everything — from complete installations to upgrades of existing equipment — you can focus on exceeding your customer’s expectations and growing your business.


The new RD8 based printing system with exceptional reliability

For high-volume operations, there is no Rotary Screen Textile Printing machine like Kapok. Its exceptional reliability and excellent quantity-quality ratio are its most acclaimed features.

Discover Kapok

The latest-generation Pegasus printing system

For reliable printing and qualitative outcome, Teak is the way to go. This Rotary Screen Printing machine is known for its best registration in printing, fast repeat setting, minimum wastage and reasonable price.

Discover Teak

The legacy of RD IV, sharper prints

Fine blend of art and science, Palm is a new techno enhanced machine with superior quality and a host of enhanced functionalities

Discover Palm
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A screen solution for every Rotary Screen Printing challenge

Do you print designs with blotches/effects? Or do you use special substrates like fleece? Download our Special Screens Brochures and find the perfect fit!

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Engraving Machines for Rotary Screen Printing

SPGPrints also offers Laser Engraving / Exposing Machines as an addition to Rotary Screen Printing machines and rotary screens. 

Finding the rotary screen engraving machine that best suits your printing business to engrave your own screens with will provide many benefits:

  • Short time to print
  • High reproducibility
  • The best quality there is

  • Personal control, easy to use
Laser engraving_Laser engraver 3_detail_045

Broad range of printers & screens for Rotary Screen Printing on Fabric

In Rotary Screen Printing, your screens truly make the difference. However, they can’t do that without the right printer. For all Rotary Screen Printing for Fabric challenges, there is a combination of printer and screen that creates the end product of the highest quality. 

That’s why we offer a broad range of screens and high-quality rotary screen printing machines. SPGPrints’ experts are located all over the world, which means your printer or screens can always be delivered locally and help is always nearby. 

What is your challenge? 

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