Success story

How Tekboy Tekstil meets increased demands


Within the production process Tekboy faced some challenges and stumbled upon obstacles that stood in their way of growth and development.


  • Supplement production capacity
    Traditional printing is a time-consuming process. With the growing demand caused by the increased popularity of fast-fashion, Tekboy Tekstil had to find a way to supplement their production capacity.

  • Shorter-runs and rapid turnarounds
    Tekboy's clients want to produce smaller units and change collections rapidly.

  • On-demand sample production
    When visiting a customer or attending an exhibition, Tekboy Tekstil wanted to show small samples of the client's design.
Digital printing is the latest innovation in the textile industry. It could help you, like in the case of Tekboy Tekstil, keep up with your  customer’s demands and produce complex designs at a faster rate.

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A story about high-quality production at a faster rate, thanks to Digital Textile Printing

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