Palm. The legacy of RD IV, sharper prints

Fine blend of art and science, Palm is a new techno enhanced machine with superior quality and a host of enhanced functionalities

At a glance

  • Modern looks, coupled with a host of advantages.
  • Optimal printing sharpness.
  • High repeat accuracy.
  • Extreme versatility.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics.
  • Superior pneumatic squeegee system.
  • User friendly.
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Specifications Palm

Good to know about Palm

Printing width

1280, 1620, 1850 and 2250 mm

Number of colours

Up to 16


Up to 80 meters per minute


Knit or woven

Printing Heads

Closed, lifetime-lubricated

Squeegee System

Combination of blade and roller system

Operating and colour side

Left and right side fixed

Gluing system

Wet (with airflow squeegee blade) and thermoplastic gluing as option

Repeat possibility

640, 725, 819, 914 and 1018 mm

Colour pumps

Pneumatic / SB-7 gear pumps


Apollo-II dryer with 2, 3, 4 and 5 sections

Number of cloth passage

3 pass, optional 5 pass

Find out what the benefits are of Palm. With more than 70 years of expertise in the textile printing industry we are driven to boost your production, so you and your customers are satisfied with high quality products.

Palm - The textile rotary screen printing system that offers best price performance ratio

Palm is the new techno enhanced incarnation of RD IV, with superior quality and a host of enhanced functionalities. With its modern looks, coupled with a host of advantages makes Palm one of the best rotary screen printing machine. 

Benefits of the Palm rotary printing textile system: 

  • Optimal repeat accuracy: a single main motor driven by an AC servo module provides perfect synchronization of the printing blanket and the screen drive.
  • Extreme versatility: Palm can print a diverse range of repeats from 640 to 1018mm. Suitable for all types of fabrics - woven, knits, natural fabrics or synthetics.
  • User friendly: superior pneumatic squeegee system, ensuring fingertip control for colour adjustments, even as the machine is running.

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