Rotary screen fabric printing

How rotary screen fabric printing can help you increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability.

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What is rotary screen fabric printing?

In 1963, SPGPrints (at that time known as 'Stork') launched groundbreaking fabric printing solutions at ITMA in Hannover. 

The world’s first seamless rotary screen, together with the new rotary screen fabric printing machine, provided a completely new, fast and efficient fabric printing process.

For decades, at SPGPrints we have been offering high-quality solutions, for the total Rotary Screen workflow, empowering textile printers everywhere to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability.

Our product portfolio contains innovative and reliable printing and pre-press systems and a wide range of rotary screens.

The advantages of rotary screen fabric printing

For years, rotary screen fabric printing has allowed textile printers to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability of their printing process. With a rotary textile fabric printing machine, you have a highly reliable asset that helps you to improve performance standards.

The high levels of reliability and reproducibility that rotary screen fabric printing offers you, helps you to become a highly dependable and steady partner for your customers.

Benefits of rotary screen fabric printing:

  • Boost productivity

  • Increase efficiency

  • Raise profitability

  • High reliability

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Competitive advantage with SPGPrints’ Rotary Screens

Your customers expect the highest quality levels possible from you. How do you make sure you control each parameter that contributes to reaching unrivalled printing quality? In rotary screen fabric printing, your screens truly make the difference. At SPGPrints, we support you with a complete screens program that complies to rigorous quality and sustainability specifications.

  • Unrivaled quality levels

  • High speed

  • Broad range of screens available

  • High reliability

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Rotary screen engraving machines

Perfect quality, a short time to print, high reproducibility: finding the most suitable rotary screen engraving machine can provide your printing business with many benefits. SPGPrints' engraving technology has been the undisputed leader in the textile industry for over 30 years, offering a fast, efficient, high-quality and eco-friendly approach to imaging.

  • High reliability

  • Perfect quality

  • Easy to use

  • High reproducibility

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Rotary screen fabric printing machines: Pegasus EVO & RD8

SPGPrints provides high-quality rotary screen fabric printing machines that allow textile printers everywhere to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability. We offer everything — from complete installations to upgrades of existing equipment — you need to exceed your customer’s expectations and grow your business.


  • Excellent quality for a reasonable price

  • Proven technology with innovative developments

  • Machine width from 1.85 to 2.25 meters

  • Closed bearing and blade or roller squeegee system

  • Fast repeat to minimize waste

Discover the PegasusEVO


  • Ideal for high-volume operations

  • Exceptional reliability

  • Simple and rapid changeovers

  • Consistent operations and excellent reproducibility

  • Mechanical drive system and individual drive system

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