Rose. New perspective in industrial sublimation printing

If you are looking to replace your digital printer or to add more capacity in sublimation, Rose offers a great new perspective.

Rose digital printing

At a glance

  • Frugal with energy, water and chemicals.
  • Efficient production and a good TCO in fashion and sportswear.
  • Flexibility, spectacular designs and faster lead times.
  • On-demand production, delivered within days’ notice.
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Specifications Rose

Useful facts about Rose

Printing Method

Roll-to-roll paper sublimation

Print Heads

8 print heads

Minimum Paper Thickness

25 g/m2

Printing Width

1860 mm

Print Resolution

Variable up to 1200 dpi

Paper Transport Type

Automatic paper unwind and rewind

Printing Speed

Up to 720 m2/h


SPGPrints MORPHO-F sublimation inks

Drying Method

6 infrared heaters

Rose 0505

With Rose you can offer flexibility, spectacular designs, and faster lead times than ever before. No more risk of overstock or shortages.


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Want to step up to industrial level printing?

Producing more than your digital print fleet can handle comes at a price. Quality issues due to overload and excessive downtime can reach to a cost level that makes sound investment in an industrial sublimation printer more profitable. But there is more to it than just finance. Dependable production and improved performance as a supplier will give you peace of mind and a much better outlook for the future. You can count on  excellent print quality up to 300 x 1,200 dpi, even at high production speeds. Rose is the next level printer you did not think of when you started out. Times are changing. Are you changing with us?

Add digital to your rotary screen print production?

Based on our vast experience in textile printing we know how to guide you into the digital age. With Rose you can offer flexibility, spectacular designs and faster lead times than ever before. No more risk of  overstock or shortages. Instead, you can offer on-demand production, delivered within days’ notice. And what is more: clean and  environmentally friendly production that meets the growing request for sustainability across the supply channel.

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