JAVELIN - Digital Textile Printer

Archer® print bar

The Archer print bar jets the ink from a longer distance than traditional print heads at 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Control over fabric motion from infeed to outfeed

Both the infeed and outfeed can be configured to allow maximum freedom in choice of fabrics, from traditional cotton and viscose to the most modern polyester fabrics.

Precision digital inkjet

JAVELIN uses SPGPrints inks. These inks are optimised for Archer technology and, with only six colours, offer a colour gamut that exceeds the HD-gamut of today’s digital textile printing solutions.

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Printing method

Scanning inkjet printer

Printing width

max.1850 mm or max. 3200 mm

Print heads

The JAVELIN has 6 Archer Technology print bars, each of which features 6 FujiFilmDimatix Samba print heads to achieve excellent and precise printing quality

Print heads level

3 - 6 mm (above the surface of the fabric)

Print resolution

600 x 1200 dpi and 1200 x 1200 dpi

Drop size

2 - 10 picolitre variable drop size

Printing speed

up to 366 linear metres / hour


Reactive, Acid (2019) and Sublimation (2019)


Heated by gas or oil

18 months of warranty with
 Archer® Print head programme 

SPGPrints is setting the standard for productivity and quality in digital printing with Archer® technology, a unique inkjet system that lies at the heart of the PIKE® and JAVELIN® textile and decor printers. 

Archer technology assures fine line detail, blotches and tonal curves, thanks to its high resolution, large drop-size range and high jetting frequencies. The long jetting distance greatly reduces the risk of damaging the print heads. This enables us to give two-and-a-half years of warranty on the print heads


Accurate shooting of small droplets

Archer fish are remarkably accurate in their shooting. They can bring down insects and other prey up to 3m above the water's surface. (From Wikipedia)

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at Hanno, Germany

Download your “Silicon MEMS Technology” White Paper today

Learn how Si--MEMS enabled SAMBA print heads maintain thermal stability at a very low level of heat throughout the printing process. This is a key print head requirement for achieving long runs in industrial environments.

Download “Silicon MEMS Technology” White Paper

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