Rotary Screens for Industrial Applications

Screens for Industrial applications expand your printing horizon

SPGPrints’ screens are specifically developed to enable added value effects like glitter and puff print. It offers great coverage and high stability while reducing blockages. SPGPrints’ screens are characterised by extremely high quality and durability, which also contributes to lengthened lifespans.

Screens for Wallpaper

Customised screen manufacturing according required ink volume (cm³/m²) and particle sizes (µ). In use for inks such as glas beads, flitter, glitter, glimmer, rough & abrasive materials and applications.

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Screens for Security Printing

SecuPlate and SecuScreen, Screen Print solutions for bank note printing. With tactile feel up to 250 μm, high inks deposits > 5-20 μm and big particles, 20-200 μm you can add new possibilities / features for security applications. Our Security Printing screens have an extremely long life time per screen, low down time and high ink efficiency, thereby maintaining image quality.

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Customised Galvano Screens

Customized galvanic screens to meet individual requirements and to give unique properties to the final product. Our special screens are designed to meet customer demands and to offer a long life time. A state of the art production process guarantees the best print forms for several applications. 

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CP Screens for Coating and Finishing

Rotary screen technology for dot coating solutions enables you to keep up with market demands and add value to your products, at the highest possible speed. Our special high quality screens for dot coating and finishing applications are customized screens which are produced corresponding to your concrete demands regarding hole design/shape, hole amount, open area and wall thickness.

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