Pre-press for Packaging

Fast and simplified engraving methods for the Packaging Industry

Based on both direct laser engraving and laser exposing technology with accompanying processing software, these systems offer a simplified method of imaging flexo, rotary screen, dry-offset and letterpress printing formes.

The result is higher and repeatable quality, reduced manual input and improved sustainability.

Laser Engraving technology

Direct Laser Engraving systems provide fully digital, single-step imaging: the plate, rotary screen or sleeve is engraved and, after a short rinse, is ready for the press. A CO2 laser burns away the non-image area of the printing forme, which can be polymer, elastomer or the lacquer that is used for rotary screens.

The engraving is controlled by SPGPrints’ proprietary 3D Active RIP software, which also allows three-dimensional dot-shaping to prevent over-impression of smaller elements. 

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HELIOS - Direct Laser Engraver

Direct Laser Engraving for polymer and elastomer

With the HELIOS, tonal ranges of 0 - 99 per cent and resolutions up to 150 lpi are easily achieved, enabling fine tonal gradations and photo-realistic quality.

The engraver is also ideal for flexo, screen, letterpress and embossing applications, especially in label and packaging printing.

KRONOS - Direct Laser Engraving

Direct Laser Engraver for seamless-endless sleeves and rollers

The KRONOS is developed for companies who need seamless-endless sleeves and rollers. The unique laser system, developed in-house, allows top quality, even at higher relief depths, in order to meet today's and future requirements for elastomer sleeve-making.

rotaLEN - Direct Laser Engraving

Direct Laser Engraver for Packaging

The rotaLEN engraver can easily be integrated into the existing workflow and engraves images on to RotaMesh® and RotaPlate® screen material, in a one-step dry and fully digital process. With the shortest possible time-to-press and perfect reproducibility, and with no remakes due to film or wash-out issues, rotaLEN allows an economical and cost-effective screen-making workflow.

Laser Exposing technology

Laser Exposing systems, such as the variLEX 8130 T, offer a two-step imaging process: a black mask is burned away by laser diodes, and the underlying material is exposed. The plate is washed and dried, then prepared for press. Suited for plates and flat screen meshes, variLEX comes with SPGPrints’ unique software solutions, including a database-driven on-the-fly RIP, enabling the use of all common industry graphics files.

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variLEX 8130T - CTP Laser Exposing

The most flexible, high-quality Pre-press solution for the label, and flexible packaging industry

The variLEX 8130T is developed for direct imaging black pad-printing plates, which replace conventional, photopolymer plates. In combination with the black pad-printing plates, the variLEX 8130T allows an optimal workflow that eliminates the use of any film-making, exposing, washing or drying.

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