Engraving Equipment

Take the performance of our rotary screens to new levels’

Fast and simplified engraving methods for flexo and dry-offset

SPGPrints offers digital Pre-press systems for imaging plates, screens and sleeves. These bring enormous performance improvements to manufacturing processes for labels, textiles and numerous industrial printing applications, including wallcovering and pad printing.

Based on both direct laser engraving and CTP technology with accompanying processing software, these systems offer a simplified method of imaging flexo, rotary screen, dry-offset and letterpress printing formes.

The result is higher and repeatable quality, reduced manual input and improved sustainability.

Direct Laser Engraving

SPGPrints’ Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) solutions are unique in regards to the quality of engraving with CO2 lasers. For 30 years we have been developing systems, allowing the engraving of plates and seamless printing forms for several applications. Various materials like polymer, elastomer, and lacquer can be engraved independent of its colour for the flexo, dry offset, screen-printing and embossing applications. Our active 3D RIP system, developed in-house, allows 3-dimensional dot shaping of the printing form. Typically this is used to prevent over-impression of smaller elements. Smaller elements are set below the printing surface, so they print equal to larger elements.

Pre-Print for Textile Pre-Press for Label Pre-Press for Industrial Pre-Press for Packaging

Laser Exposing

Top quality, reliable and high productivity… these attributes describe the core competences of SPGPrints’ laser exposing technology. SPGPrints started the development of direct laser exposing technology more than a decade ago, and numerous systems are already in production. Laser exposing is the negative imaging of a screen using SPGPrints’ unique direct exposing technology. The entire workflow remains the same as with all other exposing technologies like film or ink-masking. Therefore, this system is especially suitable for customers who already have this wet process but who want to improve their quality or output. SPGPrints’ state-of-the-art multibeam diode technology made it possible to offer high quality, high performance systems for an attractive investment level.

Pre-Print for Textile Pre-Press for Label Pre-Press for Industrial Pre-Press for Packaging

Conventional Pre-print Equipment

In order to achieve a high quality printing result, we offer a wide range of high-end Conventional Pre-print Equipment such as:

  • coaters
  • polymerisers
  • climatisers
  • homogenous developers
  • gluers
  • light stands
  • unpackers
Pre-Print for Textile Pre-Press for Label Pre-Press for Industrial

Engraving Service

Our experienced design studio works out the repro using bestIMAGE software. SPGPrints state of the art bestLEN transfers the images to the screens. We supply engraved screens in industries like textile, label, wallpaper as well as technical applications like aircraft, automotive and many more.

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CAD Software

Our bestIMAGE software makes defining and editing designs simpler than ever. This modular and user-friendly CAD software allows easy and efficient textile design development. Key functions include design, repeating, colour separation, stepping and trapping, colouring, texture mapping as well as simulation, as well as calibration of colours and raster graphs in one integrated but modular software package. The new software is an “open platform”, that is fully compatible with both the ecoLEN, smartLEX and bestLEN systems, as well as a host of non-SPGPrints engravers.

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