Leaf sublimation transfer paper. Improved efficiency and enhanced print quality

The swift rise of sublimation printing is clearly visible, especially in the textile sector's fashion and sportswear categories. There's an increasing demand for improved efficiency on lightweight paper and enhanced print quality to satisfy the rigorous demands of digitally printed garments aptly.

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Main advantages

  • Qualitative consistent coated paper provides brilliant colours
  • Unrivalled uptime thanks to stable processing to support long unattended print jobs
  • Ideal for the apparel, sportswear and home textile industries
  • Capable of transferring high amount of ink coverage
  • Quick drying for industrial usage
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Most important benefits of Leaf sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation transfer paper is integral to the dye-sublimation printing process, working in tandem with sublimation inks. This advanced printing method efficiently transfers designs onto a wide range of fabrics and items equipped with a polymer coating. Sublimation transfer paper is key to this process, as it acts as a carrier of the sublimation ink. When subjected to the appropriate heat and pressure, the ink undergoes sublimation —transforming directly from a solid to a gas, without entering a liquid phase, thus embedding the design into the material.

Leaf sublimation transfer paper facilitates high-quality, durable, and vibrant transfers on polyester fabrics. It is frequently utilized for creating custom sportswear, fashion apparel, soft signage, and more.

In summary, the 3 most important benefits are:

  • Exceptional color transfer and retention

  • Capability for high-definition, full-color printing

  • Efficient and eco-friendly printing process

Main advantages

Selection Guide for Digital Textile Ink

Select the type of ink that best suits your production process and excel in terms of quality and customer satisfaction . 

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Print workflow with Leaf sublimation transfer paper

Utilizing Leaf sublimation paper in your printing procedure involves two steps:

Step 1: Print
The design is printed with an inkjet printer on sublimation transfer paper with sublimation inks.

Step 2: Image transfer
Printed transfer paper and polyester fabric are processed through a calender. The calender enables the ink to migrate to the fabric.

Print workflow
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