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Digital Textile Printing

Experience Center_Pike 01_only machine_013
Pike Printing Machine

Open up new creative possibilities for printing blotches, fine lines, geometric designs and intense colors. 

Download Pike Guide
Violet front transparent-1
Violet Printing Machine

The optimal solution for your entry into digital printing.

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Download Violet Brochure
Magnolia Printing Machine

A machine to step up to high performance, high-quality production or to take the first step into digital production. 

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Jasmine Printing Machine

Offer flexibility, stunning designs and faster lead times to new and existing customers.

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Rose Printing Machine

Save the constant use of power and water in your production and reduce the waste of resources required to produce and ship stocks.

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Laser engraving_2
Pre-Print Portfolio

Discover your perfect matching laser engraving machine.



Download Pre-Print Portfolio
Pegasus Evo no.  057-1
Long run Printing Leaflet

Learn how to triple long runs feasible with extra screen thickness.


Download Long Run Printing Leaflet


Rotary Printing

Teak design_2HR
Teak Printing system

A new-generation rotary screen textile printing system.


Download Teak Brochure
Kapok Printing System

Designed and techno empowered for a durable and dependable lifespan.


Download Kapok Brochure
Palm Printing System

A fine blend of art and science to achieve superior quality with enhanced functionalities.

Download Palm Brochure
Geomatric Printing Screens

There are many factors that influence the printed quality of geometrical designs. So what if you could improve your printed quality and gain more satisfied customers with an easy upgrade?

Download Geometric Screens Brochure
Flat Tone Printing Screens

Achieve perfect micro-evenness in any shade of colour that the artwork requires with innovative technology.


Download Flat Tone Screens Brochure
Special screens_Special screens 08_rotamesh and security_screen control detail_151
Halftone Printing Screens

Offer your customers the quality intended by the designer.

Download Halftone Screens Brochure
SPGPrints Rotary Screens
Rotary Screens Comparison Guide

Which Rotary Screen suits your organization best? compare and find out. 


Download Comparison Guide




Digital Textile Inks

Achieve more with inks that give the edge
in quality, value, and design creativity.

Download Digital Textile Inks Brochure
Ink factory 16_raw material-1
Reactive Inks

Better performance on all natural fibres. 

Download Reactive Inks Brochure
pigment printing pic 2
Pigment Inks

Sustainable printing on a wide variety of fabrics.

Download Pigment Inks Brochure
Ink factory_Ink factory 15_raw material_027
Acid Inks

Better performance for printing silk, wool and polyamide. 

Download Acid Inks Brochure
Brazil - sublimation printing
Leaf Sublimation Transfer Paper

Improve productivity and print quality of digitally printed garments.

Download Sublimation Paper Brochure
Sublimation Inks

Better performance on polyester textiles.

Download Sublimation Inks Brochure



Service Brochure

Get the most out of your print production solutions. Today and tomorrow.


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