Rotary Screen Label Printing

Add an exciting new dimension to your label printing capabilities

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The perfect complement for outstanding print effects

The impact, quality and eye-catching appeal of labelling and packaging are vital ingredients in the success of all kinds of consumer and professional products. The ability to respond rapidly to advancing technology and offer inventive solutions to changing demands from customers and brand owners is essential.

Rotary screen printing is finding increasing application in this highly competitive environment. It adds an exciting new dimension to your printing capabilities.

Our offering includes printing modules, rotary screens, Pre-press equipment and engraving solutions.


The ultimate workhorse

RotaMesh® screens with a hexagonal 'honeycomb' structure give high stability and are long-lasting. A lifespan approaching 500,000 linear metres of printed substrate is not uncommon, which translates into fewer changeovers and therefore increased press uptime. It also makes RotaMesh® screens ideal for repeat orders. It is even possible to reuse one screen approximately 10 to 20 times for different jobs – which means outstanding long-term cost savings.

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Stronger. Sharper. Superior.

RotaPlate® screen material allows you to print faster, at higher quality, while saving you money. It decreases your operational costs and therefore increases your competitiveness, yet requires no additional investment in your Pre-press equipment and presses. You will get more metres out of your hexagonal 'honeycomb' structure mesh with RotaPlate® than woven material of competition.

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Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®)

To offer you maximum freedom in tailoring your printing operations to customers’ requirements, the RSI® modules are designed to permit great flexibility in placement on your machine.

RSI® single-colour printing units can easily be integrated with your existing label, flexo or offset press - either pre-integrated by one of our OEM partners or by retrofitting.

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Pre-press solutions

The Pre-press workflows are based on Direct Laser Engraving, Laser Exposure and Conventional technologies. A range of imaging systems is available, tailored to your processes, production levels and budgetary requirements.

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