Packaging Industry

Faster lead times, repeatable quality and cost-efficiency

Turn-key solutions for the Packaging Industry

SPGPrints offers state of the art Pre-press systems for a wide range of different applications within the global packaging industry. High quality and high productivity are finally combined with an attractive level of investment.

Flexo Printing

SPGPrints offers a broad range of Pre-press systems for the flexible packaging market.

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Pad Printing

To meet the pad printing industry’s needs for faster lead times, repeatable quality and cost-efficiency, SPGPrints has developed a fast, clean method of plate production for pad printing applications, using direct laser engraving technology.

Applications include a wide range of products with uneven, cylindrical, compound-angled, convex or concave surfaces. Among these are promotional, automotive and electronic objects, toys and apparel.

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Dry offset can, cup, aerosol and tube printing

High-impact point-of-sale presentation is essential for a brand to succeed. Crisp decorative solutions and the flexibility to offer shorter production runs and quick design changes are what brand owners are looking for.

SPGPrints’ HELIOS direct laser engraving system provides the solution, imaging dry offset plates to outstanding levels of definition in a fully digital, simplified workflow - without the use of chemicals, UV-light or film.

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