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Digital pre-press systems for imaging plates, screens and sleeves. These bring enormous performance improvements to manufacturing processes for labels, textiles and numerous industrial printing applications, including wallcovering and pad printing.

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Engraving or exposing the perfect plate using the correct pre-press system is crucial to achieve the highest printing quality. 

Image quality can be achieved with the use of one of these three different techniques:

  • CTF Computer To Film (conventional / analogue) 
  • CTP Computer To Plate (digital / LAM ́s) 
  • DLE Direct Laser Engraving 

The digital pre-press systems can be divided into two groups:

Rotary screen-printing for wide web (> 1000 mm). SPGPrints is the only provider of these unique techniques in textile rotary screen printing.

Label and Industrial:
All other industrial and label printing options, flexo, dry offset, pad printing, label printing, narrow web, intaglio, embossing amongst others.  


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Pre-press printing solutions

Pre-press systems

Rotary screen-printing for textile and all other industrial and label printing options: flexo, dry offset, pad printing, rotary screen printing, narrow web, intaglio, embossing etc.

Two pre-press systems

Within label printing there are two kinds of pre-press systems

CTP (Computer to plate):
Fibre Diode lasers are used to image the printing form by ablating a black mask or by UV-curing directly (with the use of UV-lasers) a photosensitive lacquer.

DLE (direct laser engraving):
High power CO2 or fiber laser burns away the non-image area of the printing form, which can be polymer, elastomer or lacquer used for rotary screens.

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Laser Engraving technology

High quality via controlled software

The engraving is controlled by SPGPrints’ proprietary 3D Active RIP software, which also allows three-dimensional dot-shaping to prevent over-impression of smaller elements.

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Conventional pre-press equipment

Proud to offer a fully modular, economic and accurate screen-making workflow by conventional method, for narrow-web, mid-web or semi-rotary applications. We offer a wide range of high-end conventional Pre-press Equipment such as:

  • coaters
  • dryers
  • endring gluers
  • exposers and developers
  • homogenous developers
  • gluers
  • wash-out tables
  • light stands
  • polymerisers
  • climatisers
  • inspection tools
  • unpackers

RotaPlate® Dev & Dry for pre-press

RotaPlate Dev & Dry system provides a fast, ergonomic and automated means of developing and drying RotaPlate rotary screens, for narrow web applications, in a one-step, quality-assured process. RotaPlate Dev & Dry is an essential tool that completes your CtS system and also improves the quality of your digital pre-press process.

Dev and Dry Prepress
Packaging Industry

The impact of faster lead times, repeatable quality and cost-efficiency

Turn-key solutions for the graphic, packaging and textile Industry.

SPGPrints offers state of the art pre-press systems for a wide range of different applications within the global packaging industry. High quality and high productivity are finally combined with an attractive level of investment.


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