Internship sustainability

Job Description

Research and develop an analysis of the current trends and developments in sustainability in printing/textile industry, as well as assemble the current activities of SPGPrints on sustainability all to be presented in one report, including recommendations and a (high-level) implementation plan. 

Key deliverables

  • Overview trends, developments and expectations on sustainability in printing (mainly textile, to a lesser extend industrial/graphical applications).
  • Map of stakeholder and influencers (test and verification of current view).
  • Report including KPI’s to monitor sustainability, as well as strategic advice on sustainable communication with/to stakeholders.

Please note that the results of the research are to be translated into practical and executable advises regarding the needs and approach of the top 5 stakeholders.

Your profile

  • Study:  HBO – Commerciele Economie / Communicatie / IBL
  • Language:  English
  • Location: Boxmeer

What we offer

SPGPrints is a worldwide supplier of printing equipment, mainly for the textile industry. With its origin in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, SPGPrints invented the rotary screen printing technique, which has been the most commonly used technique for printing fabrics for decades. Nowadays, digital printing techniques are making its way into the industry and while the growth of digital printing is not as explosive as expected, it is gaining market share over rotary screen printing techniques. SPGPrints has the unique position to have both rotary screen and digital printing machines, as well as the consumables for both printing techniques in its portfolio.

With the textile industry as one of the biggest sales market and the global awareness about sustainability increasing, SPGPrints is aware that it is contributing in one of the most polluting industries (e.g. 10% of global carbon emission is accounted to the fashion industry). Therefore, SPGPrints management has defined a workstream to embrace sustainability as a company and to take the lead on sustainability in the printing market.

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