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Pegasus EVO - A new generation rotary screen fabric printing machine

The Pegasus EVO offers all functionalities requested by our most demanding customers. The technology is based on our experience in rotary screen printing, and complemented by sophisticated components and production technologies. The improved price-performance ratio, combined with the service and stability of the SPGPrints/Stovec organisation, is the perfect solution for high-quality and reliable printing.

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Benefits of the Pegasus EVO rotary screen fabric printing machine


Reaching unrivaled quality levels for a reasonable price.


Proven technology complemented by innovative development.


The machine is equipped with a servo-motor for each position to improve accuracy.


Different kinds of squeegee systems can be mounted depending on customer demands.

Pegasus EVO - Offering new standards of rotary screen fabric printing

Closed bearing

The Pegasus EVO incorporates a closed bearing system that can be fitted with either blade or roller squeegees which can be combined in a single position.

Blade squeegee

The blade squeegee is a sophisticated squeegee system which can be used in the widest range of applications for halftones, fine lines and blotches.

Magnet roller squeegee

The magnet roller squeegee is an user-friendly system, and is mainly used for wider-width printing.

Permanent magnet beams

Permanent magnet beams are the most stable magnet beams and do not require electricity, which means no heat generation. It also eliminates beam deformation, resulting in superior printing quality.


Model (width)

1850 and 2250 mm

Number of colours

up to 18


4 m/min to 80 m/min


Knits / woven

Infeed device

Knits / woven

Screen drive

Individual AC Servo Motor with Gear Box

Printing heads

Closed, lifetime lubricated bearing

Squeegee system

Pneumatic blade squeegee, roller squeegee with permanent magnet, combination of both

Operating and coloring side

Operating Left & Coloring-Right fixed (looking from Infeed)

Gluing System

Fully automatic wet glue application unit, with speed independent thickness control by means of air flow squeegee; thermoplastic Adhesive system as optional

Repeat possibility

640 - 819 - 914 - 1018 mm

Color pumps

Reversible gear pumps SB-7; Pneumatic pump (without paste return option)


DDVI with 2, 3, 4 sections (Media-Oil); Apollo with 2, 3, 4, 5 sections (Media-Gas); Apollo with 2, 3, 4, 5 sections (Media-Steam)

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