Discover reliable and sharp registration with the RD8 rotary screen fabric printing machine

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RD8 - The rotary screen printing machine with exceptional reliability

The RD8 is a rotary screen printing system that distinguishes itself by its exceptional reliability. Specially designed for a durable and dependable lifespan, it is ideal for high-volume operations where quantity is a priority, with no compromises on quality.

Completely compatible with the demands of modern printing processes, it enables simple and rapid changeovers (to other designs/colourways), consistent operations and excellent reproducibility

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Benefits of the RD8 rotary screen fabric printing machine


The RD8 series machines are a living testimonial to the durability, reliability and value it offers.


The RD8 is ideal for high-volume operations where quantity is a priority and quality is a promise.


Specially designed and techno empowered for a durable and dependable lifespan.

Design versatility

Suitable for all types of fabrics.

RD8 - Discover reliable and sharp registration

Uniform and controllable wet glue application

An advanced wet glue application system linked to line speed of machine to ensure even glueing thickness right from the initial setting speed and in production leading to lesser seconds quality.

Reliable for 24x7 operations

The robust mechanical drive system of the RD8 provides long and uninterrupted services.

Individual drive

The printing blanket and screens are operated independently with servo drive motors allowing flexible lead setting and ensuring fine control.

Repeat setting

The RD8 uses interchangeable screen heads for higher repeats printing which ensure better drive with improved screen surface torque control.

Choice of Infeed and Exit

Flexible options catering to printing of various substrates are available for the RD8.


Model (Width)

1280, 1620, 1850 and 2250 mm

Number of colours

Up to 16


Up to 80m/min


Knits / Woven

Printing Heads

Closed, lifetime-lubricated bearing

Repeat possibility

640 – 819 – 914 – 1018 mm


DDVI with 2, 3, 4 sections

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