Rotary fabric printing screens

Increase your competitive advantage with SPGPrints' highly consistent and reproducible Rotary Screens.

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Unrivaled image quality and productivity with SPGPrints rotary fabric printing screens

Your customers expect the highest quality levels possible from you. How do you make sure you control each parameter that contributes to reaching unrivalled printing quality? In rotary screen fabric printing, your screens truly make the difference. At SPGPrints, we support you with a complete rotary fabric printing screens program that complies to rigorous quality and sustainability specifications.

Benefits of SPGPrints’ fabric printing screens


Reach unrivaled standards of quality on the widest range of fabrics.

High reliability

Experience consistent and reliable production capacity & image quality.

Broad range of screens

Finding the right screen that best fits your printing processes

High speed

Fast, cost-effective printing production

Reinventing screen technology with OrtaScreentm

Designs often make use of halftones and grids, which are based on an orthogonal orientation. Printing these designs with the hexagonal grid of common rotary screens can generate undesired moiré. Due to the reduced number of hole lines (2 instead of 3 in hexagonal screens) there are more possibilities of arranging the raster angle with our OrtaScreentm.

When to choose for the OrtaScreentm:

  • Best match to digital
  • Better runnability & flow behavior
  • Moire free printing
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NovaScreen® increases your competitive advantage

NovaScreens®  are characterized by high-resolution and open area and a perfect paste flow. As a result of this, a controlled amount of paste is transferred to the substrate, so you can boost print quality and productivity.

When to choose for the NovaScreen® :

  • Improved production process productivity
  • Unrivaled print quality with unique resolution
  • Fine geometric designs
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An advancement of the 125 mesh screen with RandomScreen® Eco

With the new RandomScreen® Eco 13% open area we provide you with the easiest route to an increased eco conscious printing result. Changing your current 125 mesh screen into RandomScreen® Eco will offer you paste savings up to 25%. All can be achieved without changing any process parameter like rod size and viscosity. 

When to choose for the RandomScreen® Eco:

  • Paste savings in both pigment and reactive
  • Better runnability & flow behavior
  • Suppress moiré
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Raise your product quality with PentaScreen®

SPGPrints’ PentaScreen® is a well-established and highly successful screen that has set the standard in rotary printing for a long time. Till now this screen type is most common when it is about price performance ratio. The PentaScreen® guarantees you state-of-the-art screen-making technology and consistency resulting in reliable printing results and print performance.

When to choose for the PentaScreen® :

  • High levels of consistency
  • High reliability
  • Perfect price performance ratio
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Screens for industrial applications

SPGPrints’ screens  for industrial applications are specifically developed to enable added value effects like glitter and puff print. It offers great coverage and high stability while reducing blockages. SPGPrints’ screens are characterized by extremely high quality and durability, which also contributes to lengthened lifespans.

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