Wallpaper & Security Printing Equipment

High-quality Wallcovering and Security printing Solutions

SPGPrints supplies numerous Wallpaper and Security printing solutions, both for machines and for screens. We supply equipment, consumables and services from screens to complete turn-key solutions. SPGPrints has an installed base of more than 1000 wallpaper production lines and serves several Security printing clients world-wide.

The all-round wallpaper printing concept

The PD 5 is a dedicated wallpaper printing system that offers flexibility, accuracy and increased productivity. Genuine non-stop production can be achieved thanks to the PD 5´s ingenious double-module printing head, which allows printing to continue during changeover. The PD 5 accommodates rotary screen, rotogravure and flexo printing modules, leading to greater variation in design and effect.

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Innovating your business through cutting-edge wallcovering solutions

The compatibility with many substrates (such as paper, nonwoven, glass fibre, textiles) paste types (PVC, acrylics, water-based) and screen types gives you a wide variety of possible printing techniques (coating, single side, double-sided).

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Secure your products with rotary screen printing

Use rotary screen printing for various security applications to authenticate your products. 

You can easily integrate rotary screen units with your existing press thanks to SPGPrints' Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) print units.

Applications include:

  • bank notes 
  • authenticity labels (such as train/entrance tickets) 
  • scratch-off coatings 
  • tactile 3D effects
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The benefits of Rotary Screen printing for Security Printing

The consistent ink deposit, compatibility with many substrates and inks (uv, solvent, water-based) and suitability with printing course pigments makes our Rotary Screen Solutions the perfect match for Security Printing.

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Find out how Rotary Screen Printing
can innovate your wallpaper and security business

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