ARROW - Bulls eye in dye sublimation

Outstanding productivity and quality at a lower cost

Built for industrial production, with 490 m2/hr output and outstanding quality of up to 720 dpi, ARROW is the most productive sublimation printer in its class. Combined with significantly less ink consumption than average printers ARROW provides a fast ROI when really put to work. You can even replace multiple low end printers with just one robust industrial printer that can do it all.

Speed and quality for each design

Choose the most profitable way to produce different designs using different speed and quality modes. From 477 m2/hr in one pass mode at 360 x 360 dpi to high quality 720 x 720 dpi in four pass at 122 m2/hr. In two pass mode ARROW produces 231 m2/ hr while maintaining a resolution of 360 x 720 dpi onto the thinnest of transfer papers. With easy operation and great flexibility you can serve and satisfy more customers with less effort.

20% less ink for better quality

The combination of innovative print head cleaning, excellent Konica Minolta print heads and high density inks from SPGPrints results in 20% less ink consumption for the same designs with better definition and more vivid colours. Extensive testing in fashion production showed that ARROW delivers superior quality at 360 x 360 dpi compared to competitors with higher specifications. Ask for samples to find out yourself.

Proven inkjet technology

ARROW comprises proven technologies to ensure maximum uptime. The accurate print head carriage for 16 print heads is built to last under heavy use, while the hot swap ink bottle system allows you to refuel without interrupting print jobs. An innovative degassing system, placed directly at the print heads, prevents air bubbles from entering the print heads. These and more features amount to a robust inkjet system that is the core of uninterrupted printing capacity.

Easy operation

ARROW is designed to provide its full potential in any production environment. In order to achieve that, we made sure anyone can operate it. Great effort has been put in the user friendly design of the touch screen panel, allowing for easy control over the complete system. Operators can work with clear job tickets, access the complete print history, perform colour or print head recovery easily and check real time production information. You can count on our support with training and instruction.

Find out how Printing with the ARROW
can innovate your textile business

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