PIKE decor - A versatile, customisable platform for industrial applications.

UV inkjet printing

Central cylinder with Archer technology based colour print bars

Product finishing

Added value inline finishing processes

Non-stop unwinding

Zero speed butt splicing

Web pre-conditioning

Including cleaning, web guiding and corona treating


UV and/or water based


Printing method

Single pass UV inkjet printer

Print resolution

1200 x 1200 dpi

Drop size

2 – 6 picolitre variable drop size

Printing speed

5 up to 70m/min @ 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution


UV curable C, M, Y, K and W (extra colours on request)

UV inkjet technology

Designed for results

PIKE UV inks are developed and manufactured by SPGPrints specifically for the use with the PIKE decor printing platform, optimized for the print head and the integrated treatment processes.

Inks for peace of mind

PIKE UV inks are pigment-based and UV-curable. 

Find out how Digital Printing with the PIKE decor
can innovate your business

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