Endrings & Chemicals for Rotary Screen Printing

SPGPrints offers a wide range of auxilliaries such as Endrings, Lacquers and Chemicals.

Endrings that perfectly complement your rotary screen

SPGPrints original endrings have a significant influence on print quality. Our renowned endrings are made of high-quality aluminum and show extreme stability in characteristics such as diameter, dimensions and weight. That's why we can vow that our endrings will always have a perfect fit. This way 

imbalances in both the endrings and the screen are avoided. The endrings' perfect circular shape keeps screens from breaking and minimises wear and tear on the machines' printheads. 


  • all types available in stock
  • top quality aluminium to ensure rings keep their shape
  • highest standards in roundness and stability
  • suitable for all spgprints rotary screen printing systems
  • normal type and long lip version suiting your needs
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Lacquers and Chemicals, key factor for optimum print quality

Besides rotary screen and engraving equipment SPGPrints also offers a wide range of additional products for both conventional and digital engraving methods. Our production programme contains chemicals and emulsions for rotary screens that are developed to achieve the highest quality results.


  • emulsions for manual or machine coating of rotary screens of all mesh counts
  • chemically and mechanically resistant to all printing pastes
  • easy coating, very fine details, hardly effected by overexposure
  • end ring adhesive with fast hardening and good resistance
  • full range of auxiliary chemicals
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