Rotary Screens for Textile Printing

Increase your competitive advantage with SPGPrints' highly consistent and reproducible Rotary Screens.

Complete programme with unique SPGPrints Screens

We offer a complete programme, including StandardScreen®, PentaScreen®, RandomScreen®, NovaScreen® that comply to rigorous quality and sustainability specifications.

SPGPrints also offers a wide range of additional products for both conventional and digital engraving methods. Our production programme contains endrings, chemicals and emulsions for rotary screens that are developed to achieve the highest quality results.

Raise your product quality with PentaScreen®

SPGPrints’ PentaScreen® is a well-established and highly successful screen that has set the standard in rotary printing for a long time. Till now this screen type is most common when it is about price performance ratio. The PentaScreen® guarantees you state-of-the-art screen-making technology and consistency resulting in reliable printing results and print performance.

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RandomScreen® for moiré-free printing

RandomScreen® is characterised by a random distribution of conical holes. This significantly reduces the moiré effect whilst printing, which means less need for trials and fewer remakes and rejects. It also offers more freedom in design possibilities, for example through its ability to produce realistic weaving and tweed effects.

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Smooth tonal gradations with PentaScreen® 155 XT

The 155XT, with its 115-micron thickness, offers improved stability during handling and printing, resulting in a better fitting and stripping performance. The high mesh count offers smooth tonal gradations. Its 13 per cent open area is almost 10 per cent larger than that of the standard 155 mesh screen.

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NovaScreen®, increase your competitive advantage

The ingenious conical styling of the bridges that form the mesh reflects the cutting edge of screen making technology. Nova screens are characterized by high-resolution and open area and a perfect paste flow. As a result of this, a controlled amount of paste is transferred to the substrate, so you can boost print quality and productivity.

NovaScreen ensures versatility, consistency and unbeatable performance, while lasting longer and cutting production costs.

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Afbeelding Cta Comparison Pent Nova

​Download the comparison leaflet between PentaScreen® and NovaScreen®

Comparison of PentaScreen® and NovaScreen®

CP Screens for Coating and Finishing

Rotary screen technology for dot coating solutions enables you to keep up with market demands and add value to your products, at the highest possible speed. Our special high quality screens for dot coating and finishing applications are customized screens which are produced corresponding to your concrete demands regarding hole design/shape, hole amount, open area and wall thickness.

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