Rotary Screens for Label Printing

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Printers today face a multitude of challenges as they try to remain competitive and - at the same time - meet brand owners' requirements for quality and flexibility of service. SPGPrints' screens give you an exceptionally reliable, long-lasting and highly accurate means of printing on a wide range of web widths.

RotaMesh® screen material

The ultimate workhorse in screens for rotary screen integration

SPGPrints' RotaMesh® is a top-quality screen customised for the SPGPrints Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) printing unit. A RotaMesh® screen is a non-woven, electroformed mesh made out of 100% nickel. The unique hexagonal 'honeycomb' structure ensures sharp printing quality, maximum stability and consistency.

RotaMesh® screens are available in a wide range of mesh counts to meet all application requirements.

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RotaPlate® screen material

The perfectly fitting mesh for all rotary screen printing presses

RotaPlate® is an excellent alternative for users of woven screen material. It's strong, stable and offers a long working life. Thanks to a patented production process, SPGPrints' RotaPlate® features a pre-sensitised coating and a hexagonal 'honeycomb' structure that is made out of 100% nickel. The result is excellent print performance at each stage of production. Get more printed metres out of your mesh.

RotaPlate® screens are available in a wide range of mesh counts to meet all application requirements.

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Discover the latest innovations in label printing

SPGPrints takes rotary screen printing to new standards of precision with the RotaMesh 405 screen - offering a productive, reliable solution for reproducing fine linework and tonal gradations by rotary screen printing on self-adhesive labels.

Like all screens in SPGPrints’ RotaMesh programme, 405 Mesh features electroformed, non-woven pure nickel with 164.025 holes per square inch. Thanks to its strength, optimised by their hexagonal 'honeycomb' hole structure, it offers superb stability, running smoothly without risk of clogging or breakage at high print speeds. Moreover, they can be re-imaged for new jobs and reused average 10 to 20 times – significantly reducing ownership costs in the long term.

It is ideal for reproducing small text and oriental writing systems clearly and accurately, and printing more information on a label in multiple languages, without compromising impact or legibility.

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RotaMesh 405 Mesh

The new standard of precision

Featuring over 189.400 holes per square inch, the 405 Mesh takes rotary screen printing quality to new levels of finesse.

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