Stork Prints presents innovations in rotary screen, digital label printing and laser engraving at Labelexpo Americas

Boxmeer, Netherlands, August 5, 2010: At Labelexpo Americas 2010, Stork Prints (booth 529) presents the enhanced RSI rotary screen integration modules, the new DSI (digital system integration) inkjet module and groundbreaking software innovations in direct laser engraving.


Stork Prints is a global leader in rotary screen printing technology. Reinforcing its commitment to innovation in the process, Stork Prints presents 3 RSI® (Rotary Screen Integration) printing modules at the show, for OEM partners Nilpeter, Mark Andy and OMET.

With a modernised design, the RSI printing modules can be seamlessly integrated into the architecture, software and mechanics of the latest-generation printing presses. Key benefits include full interactivity, better user-friendliness and a shorter learning curve.

It can be controlled through the main panel of the press. This provides simultaneous, centralised monitoring of all rotary screen positions alongside other printing and converting operations.

Other rotary screen highlights at the Labelexpo stand include the re-engraveable RotaMesh® screen for the RSI systems, and the re-usable RotaPlate® screen for non-Stork systems. Both feature the ultra-stable electroformed pure-nickel construction, offering easy handling, high stability and resistance to breakage at relatively high speeds.

With an abundance of samples, Stork Prints will be highlighting the many high-value applications of rotary screen – from decorative raised varnishes to brand-protection labels. The company also invests heavily in researching and developing industrial label printing lines based on the rotary screen process. Think for instance of biosensors for medical applications, high- and ultra-high frequency labels for RFID, and adhesives for packaging.

DSI® 4330L

After its successful European introduction at Labelexpo Europe in 2009, Stork Prints is now launching the digital label printer DSI® 4330L to the American market. With the short run UV inkjet label printing production machine Stork Prints is marking a new era in digital label printing.

The easy to operate digital press offers an unique print quality combined with high colour strength and brilliance. With print speeds up to 700m2/hour and changing between different label jobs at the speed of sound, with a minimal handling and waste.

Moreover, the DSI® press is modular in design. Allowing configurations from stand alone digital printing machines up to complete digital printing lines with in-line (semi-rotary) converting. Hence the excellent TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) per printed label.

Stork Prints DSI® features:

• UV Inkjet


• 13" print width

• 35 m/min

• tonal values down to 1 percent

• modular design

Stork Prints DSI® was developed in close partnership with leading industry suppliers such as Xaar and EskoArtwork. Stork Prints has optimized the inkjet heads for the DSI print engine with proprietary technology from Stork Veco's precision components division.

Moreover, Stork Prints has more than 20 years experience in UV Inkjet technology:

• 600 digital textile printing machines built by Stork Prints

• 3.700 Dupont Cromalin digital proofing systems manufactured by Stork Prints

Stork Prints extensive experience leads to more uptime for Stork Prints DSI®.


Stork Prints is also a technology leader in direct laser engraving. The process is a purely digital means of printing form imaging – simply engrave and rinse. It eliminates costly products like film and time-consuming processes such as exposure, washing and drying.

Stork Prints is giving live demo’s on 2 machines 5 times a day:

the direct laser exposer rotaLEX

the direct laser engraver rotaLEN


The rotaLEX 6630F laser is an affordable high-speed, compact digital laser exposing device, serving high-quality RotaPlate® screen printing applications in narrow web printing. The system provides a simplified, one-step digital workflow by eliminating the need for conventional film, ablative film and even ablative plate processing. The rotaLEX 6630F, represents another great leap in speed and quality, thanks to its "UV multibeam optic system". Specifically developed for the unit, this ensures increased speed and sharpness, while maintaining total stability. The focused, steady UV-laser system of the rotaLEX creates the image in a single step with high accuracy and perfect registration on your press.

The machine is compatible with all available RotaPlate® screen specifications, from fine text, to tactile applications. With such reliability and precision at your service, Stork Prints' proven RotaPlate® makes the perfect fit for your press. What’s more, it’s economic sense: one can eliminate the need for more expensive digital screen plates with a mask layer.


The rotaLEN 5511 direct engraver is one-of-a-kind within the narrow-web industry; specifically dedicated to screen printers. The rotaLEN transfers images onto RotaMesh® and RotaPlate® completely digitally - a one step process. Ecologically friendly and with minimal consumable costs this system gives packaging converters, label and security printers a fully integrated workflow at the prepress stage. It provides reduced time-to-market, increased printing quality and best reproducibility. The rotaLEN 5511 extends Stork Prints direct engraving concept and applies our explicit knowledge of screen engraving.

Groundbreaking software

Moreover, Stork Prints announces a key improvement to the software with Active 3D RIP, a pre-media relief-dot generation software tool that boosts half-tone and high-light quality by direct laser engraving. The tool allows unprecedented control when generating negative and positive dot-shapes and dimensions across the whole tonal range – from 1% to 99% density. Depth variables are unlimited and complete shoulder steepness can be varied from 0° to 90°. This total flexibility gives the dots optimum support, especially in highlight areas. As a result, the printing form offers improved durability and consistent printing quality over longer periods. Active 3D-RIP reduces tonal loss by up to 50 percent, compared with existing 3D dot shaping techniques used for direct laser engraving.

This year, the company has claimed a significant quality breakthrough in flexographic laser engraving technology, with the ability to achieve of 100 lines per centimetre (at one percent dot). This is due to a tremendous improvement in the laser engraving technology itself, the software enhancements on Stork Prints systems and better choice of printing form materials.

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