Stork Prints presents innovations at Febratex 2010

Blumenau / SC, Brazil, From August 10 to August 13, 2010: Stork Prints presents its new rotary screen printer PegasusEVO at Febratex - The Brazilian Textile Industry Fair - 2010 edition; Hall 5, booth 18.

The PegasusEVO is characterized by its excellent price / performance ratio, and is the successor to the popular and well-established Pegasus CC, an exceptionally versatile system which has proved itself - and continues to do so - in hundreds of production lines all over the world.

Ideal for upgrading existing lines

One of the main attractions of the PegasusEVO is the possibility to upgrade an existing production facility by installing PegasusEVO printing features onto Stork Prints machines already in place, for example RD4s. In this way, the newest technology can be installed for a limited investment. Naturally it is also possible to install a complete PegasusEVO printing block in an existing line. Whatever configuration is preferable; users will benefit from the latest control and drive technology as well as an extremely intuitive and uncomplicated user interface.

Like the CC, the PegasusEVO is a real workhorse, ideal for short runs as well as high-volume batches on many different types of substrate. It guarantees absolute reproducibility and excellent accuracy - at low cost. It is produced entirely at Stork Prints' manufacturing facility in Boxmeer, where quality and reliability are the absolute priorities. "The development of this machine was heavily influenced by feedback we were getting from our customers," says Geert Klaassen, Consumables Manager at Stork Prints Group. “We kept hearing that they wanted reliability and excellent functionality without having to pay the earth for it. That's what we deliver with the PegasusEVO."

Better end results with NovaScreen®

Visitors to the Stork Prints booth will see a further innovation of printing, including high fashion printed samples, with the exceptional NovaScreen® rotary screens. The NovaScreens® rotary screens have a patented design with a large and ingenious combination of a high number of holes, with a minimum spacing between them (number of holes per linear inch = mesh) in order to have maximum paste transferred to the substrate. This leads to a higher print quality and also increases productivity and efficiency; it is possible to print at high speeds using less paste.

Printing machines in countries across Latin America may actually raise the standard of their finished products and differentiate themselves from their competitors, using NovaScreens® rotary screens, which are perfect for halftone and fine lines.

Solutions in all phases

In fact, Stork Prints will once again be demonstrating that it is the only global partner that can offer solutions for all stages of production as well as consumables. For example: the newly updated design software bestIMAGE. According to sales manager Mr. Sant'Anna, with this new version you can manage and develop the process easier and with more resources, from creation to engraving and staining. As well as divulging the launch of Version 5, already adapted for Windows 7, we will also be demonstrating the versatility of best IMAGE. We also want stylists and designers to realize that this software is very useful to them. "The interesting thing is that we are going to demystify that the software is specifically made for engravers and printers. Indeed, we demonstrate that some bestIMAGE modules easily reconcile the vision of what is created versus application (parts and variants). These are useful tools, especially for stylists and designers", Sant'Anna said.

Direct laser engraving

The bestLEN and ecoLEN direct laser engravers enable fast and accurate engraving of screens, allowing better quality, being more economical and causing less harm to the environment.

The bestLEX and EcoLEX multi-beam laser exposure systems integrate the advantages of optical screen exposure with those of digital laser technology. Being in all respects a superior technology. Thanks to a well-focused and stable UV-laser system, the image is created with great precision by means of direct exposure in a single step.

Digital printing

In the digital segment we have the digital printer Ruby V-II, which combines a very high performance with an extremely attractive price.

According to André Guerino, coordinator of Textile Sales of Stork Prints Brazil, Ruby V-II is a big attraction because it is a digital printing machine with high quality and high productivity. "It's a high speed printer that guarantees the highest quality”.

Stork Prints digital textile printers and digital inks aim to guarantee customers their desired effects for production and a large differential income. These products are dedicated to the high level quality segment of textile production.

Visitors to the booth will see the entire range of inks, including new colors, another release in the digital line. "Just the fact that our inks are compatible with most machines in the market would be a good incentive to visit. But we will also present new colors such as citrus (Flavin and Rhodamine), intense black (Deep Black), deep red (Red Pepper), in addition to supporting products such as liquids and cleaning systems, and new Penetration Liquids.

The Stork Prints Digital Ink line is composed of Acid dyes, Reactive, DisperseDirect and Sublimation. The big differential is that they minimize the flaws in the nozzles, working at maximum print speeds and provide greater brightness and color scale. Furthermore, Stork Prints inks do not harm the environment because they are water based, non-toxic and standard Aeko-tex.

During the fair, Stork Prints experts will present you with integrated solutions that deliver greater productivity and economy in your textile production, whether low, medium or high volume.

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