SPGPrints expands safety awareness among employees via an e-learning module by Construction Media

Boxmeer, Netherlands, 22 October 2019: SPGPrints B.V. takes safety very seriously. To ensure that our employees always stay up-to-date on this especially important topic, we have chosen to create an e-learning module together with Construction Media. This module will be offered on a yearly basis going forward.

Offering this training on a yearly basis enables us to regularly raise the awareness of our employees regarding safety in and around the work environment. The videos and images in the e-learning module are especially created to clearly convey information in a very practical way and to foster immediate understanding of the message. 

It’s convenient and easy to use the uniquely tailored toolbox made by Construction Media (see Bouwbox and Industriebox).  Via this user-friendly link, we can fulfill the requirement of a yearly training via e-learning and ensure our employees are up-to-date on the latest safety information.

Due to our international character and several production shifts, it was a small challenge to find a good way to reach all of our employees. This e-learning portal is a very straightforward and easy way to share this valuable information regarding safety with our employees.

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