Olympus Print Group delights premium label markets with SPGPrints’ rotary screen technology

Boxmeer, Netherlands, 12 June 2017: Olympus Print Group, the Leeds, UK-based supplier of premium self-adhesive labels, is experiencing increased demand for rotary screen-printed effects, especially for personal care and wine brands.

Using SPGPrints’ RSI® (Rotary Screen Integration) cassette units and re-imageable RotaMesh® nickel screens alongside UV-flexo on its Nilpeter FA-4 presses, Olympus Print Group offers the process on at least 40 per cent of all jobs, cost-effectively. The process deposits layers of ink or varnish up to 250µm thick, to create added-value effects at relatively high speeds.

“Rotary screen has been consistently used for home and personal care products and has been the backbone of our work mix since the company’s earliest days,” says Adrian Brown, managing director, Olympus Print Group. “Now, brand-owners in other sectors, such as the wine sector especially, are specifying the process, recognising its effectiveness for achieving a premium positioning.”


An embellishment increasing in demand is a varnish, exceeding 150µm, printed over the brand name or iconic feature of the label, adding vividness as well as texture to the underlying flexo-printed graphics. Other rotary screen effects include the no-label look, coarse or soft-touch varnishes that require the thickest possible coverage, Braille dots and tactile warning triangles. The latter are printed inline on to existing graphics, to save the end user from having to label twice.


Besides personal care and wines, Olympus also supplies labels to the home care, spirits and gift markets in the UK, mainland Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. It operates several Nilpeter FA-4 UV-flexo presses featuring SPGPrints’ RSI units. Thanks to the portability of the printing units, flexo and rotary screen processes can be interchanged with each other at any stage. Printing up to 10 colours, the printing lines also feature high-value processes like hot-foil, embossing, cold-foil and reverse printing, inline. The company’s state-of-the-art 55,000ft2 open-plan factory also has digital inkjet printing capabilities.


SPGPrints’ RotaMesh screens provide reliability as well as cost control. Their electroformed, non-woven nickel structure with hexagonal holes gives them the strength to withstand handling, and multiple imaging cycles without damage.


“Typically, we re-image a RotaMesh screen up to eight times. The long life of the screen brings significant consumable cost savings in the long term, given the high demand for the process. This enhances our competitiveness in offering the high-quality label solutions that differentiate our clients’ brands,” said Brown.


With conventional prepress equipment on the premises, the Olympus prepress team prepares about 50 screen imaging jobs per week. 


“Brands need to remain competitive by differentiating themselves and adding value,” Brown concluded. “We do so through innovation, working efficiently, cutting waste – in time and materials – and delivering cost-effective quality. The technology and support from Nilpeter and SPGPrints makes an important contribution in this mission.”




Photo Captions

Photo 63: Adrian Brown, managing director of Olympus Print Group


IMG1974: Iheart Bordeaux: a rotary screen varnish is applied with a RotaMesh screen over flexo black, to give vividness and raised properties to the brand name, for extra shelf-impact. The label also features flexo, hotfoil and embossing.


IMG1926: FCUK Hair & Body Wash label demonstrates effectiveness of RotaMesh screens for clear, vivid graphics whether fine or bold text. Here, rotary screen is used for opaque white and the green thin line below the brand name. Rotary screen was also chosen because of its strong resistance against fading – an important consideration as the life of the pictured product can be up to 24 months.  



Olympus Print Group

For further press information on Olympus Print Group, please contact Sarah Firth, account manager, telephone: +44 113 236 3283 or sarah.firth@olympusprintgroup.co.uk




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