Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti buys first bestLEN 7412 direct laser engraver from SPGPrints

SPGPrints announces the sale of the first bestLEN 7412 laser engraver to Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti, of Merone (Como), Italy, in a deal signed on the SPGPrints ITMA stand on the opening day of the show.

Milan, Italy, 12 November, 2015: SPGPrints announces the sale of the first bestLEN 7412 laser engraver to Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti, of Merone (Como), Italy, in a deal signed on the SPGPrints ITMA stand on the opening day of the show.

The bestLEN 7412 is the latest model in SPGPrints’ successful range of precision and time-saving direct laser systems for screen engraving for textile printing.

Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti is a second-generation family-run company that operates as a commission engraver for leading European fashion houses. The company has been using an earlier model of the bestLEN engraver since 2008 as well as two wax resist machines, one of which will ultimately be replaced by the new bestLEN.

“We are facing increased demands for geometrically finer and more detailed designs as well as for shorter lead-times,” said Mr. Sergio Ripamonti of Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti. “The bestLEN 7412 can engrave a NovaScreen 195 mesh in less than half an hour. It has a finer focus for engraving crisp detail, and runs 10% faster than the previous machine.”

The SPGPrints bestLEN system can use screens that have been coated well in advance, unlike those using wax resist systems. Also, unlike wax resist systems, laser imaged cylinders do not require post-engraving washing, so time is saved at both ends of the process. This makes supplying printers requiring urgent replacement of damaged screens possible more quickly than any other process.

Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti’s output of screens has increased, and as a result the company needs to keep at the leading edge of screen technology and adapt quickly to changing market demands.

Laser engraving with the bestLEN 7412 not only saves time on coating, but engraving a 1.2m screen takes only about 25 minutes which means that a set of six screens can be ready for use or delivery in 3-4 hours instead of the 18 hours needed to complete all the wax resist processes.

“The time taken by designers to approve collections continue to put pressure on textile printers,” continued Ripamonti. “As a result, cutting screen-making time is increasingly important so that we can ensure prompt delivery to our customers. With the bestLEN 7412, we will be able to meet tight deadlines and maintain our competitive edge.”

The bestLEN 7412 owes its increased performance in high-resolution imaging to an optimised CO2 laser path. This precision is ideal for use with SPGPrints’ new NovaScreen 245 mesh for printing high-quality fashion and décor designs.

Laser engraving is also a more sustainable process than the alternatives. No water is used, and the footprint of the bestLEN 7412 is much less than that needed by wax, ink or direct laser exposing systems, so screen makers enjoy benefits in a number of important areas.

“The advantages offered by the bestLEN 7412 will keep Nuova Fotoincisione Ripamonti in the vanguard of screen engraving,” said Geert Klaassen, commercial manager (screens) at SPGPrints. “The system’s accompanying Best Image software makes generation and production of colour separations fast and highly accurate for today’s and tomorrow’s textile markets.”




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