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Turn-key solutions for Security Printing

During our long history that brought us to the position of global champion for electroformed screens for textile and label printing, we have developed our knowledge and production processes around this technology to a standard that also enabled us to develop and produce screens for the much more demanding Security Printing industry.

Electroformed nickel screen technology for Security Printing

On practically every security document like passports, ID-cards, birth certificates, or tax stamps some sort of authenticity feature is printed with specially developed lacquers or inks. These features often also require a higher deposit which is achieved with screen printing.

Maximum control over (usually very expensive) ink deposit in combination with optimum printed image quality has driven our customers to use our screens. As usual, key objectives like ink reduction, consistent process quality and low down-time on the customers press are main drivers for us.

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Seamless and welded screen solutions for the banknote printing industry

SPGPrints is continuously fine tuning the specifications of our dedicated range of welded (or even seamless) rotary screens that are used for the roll2roll applications like iridescent ribbons in the papermills.

Moreover in the (predominantly sheet-fed) printing lines in this special industry, more and more customers understand the benefits of our screens on their press. These screens can be normally prepared in an conventional exposure pre-press process, yet usually offer a longer life hence less down time.

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Pre-press solutions

If also the advantages of digital engraving pre-press are seen and accepted, SPGPrints can even support an even much longer life time of seamless screens (up to 600.000 sheets). SPGPrints is gladly available to support a validation test on this combination by offering Pre-press services to prove the principle.

Lastly, if this way of working indeed fits your requirements, we gladly support the digital engraving pre-press activity with our range of laser engraver units, that will complete your state of art production.

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