Nonwoven Industry

Add value to your products using SPGPrints' screens for the production or the finishing of your Nonwoven fabrics

Obtain the best parameters for your spunlace process using specially designed screens for de-airing and hydroentanglement. You can also add an abundance of patterns to your nonwovens during the hydroentangling process, and add prints or finishing treatments, such as impregnating nonwoven fabrics with our rotary screen coating technology.

Hydroembossing and Perforation 

We offer a variety of different screen technologies for the embossing and perforation of nonwovens during the hydroentanglement process. Depending on the design requirements, we propose the technology that is perfectly suited for achieving the best patterning result on your final product. Whether it’s a 2D nickel patterning cylinder for easy designs, a 3D nickel composite cylinder for state-of-the-art designs, or a 3D nickel cylinder with etching technology to guarantee good dewatering results for certain special design requirements – our in-house design studio will ensure your products get the best look and are unique on the market!

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MPS – micro porous shells for hydroentanglement

Our micro porous shells for the pure entanglement process (spunlacing) are responsible for uniform, continuous and perfect entangling results of the produced fabrics. Due to our experience and our in house developed laser exposing technology for the production of the MPS we have various options to offer different hole amounts, hole sizes and hole distributions that lead to different open areas to make sure you can achieve the best and most efficient results for different fiber compositions and substances. 

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