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SPGPrints provides your company the equipment you need to increase speed, get better quality and reduce downtime.

How we can innovate your industry

When we were founded as a part of Stork in 1947, our primary market was textile printing. Our ground-breaking technical innovations made us the first to be able to offer high-speed printing. Our unique rotary screen printing technique quickly enabled us to move beyond textile printing and offer new solutions for labels, wall coverings, floorings and more.

It wasn’t long before we took the next step: from rotary printing to digital printing, resulting in the development of our exclusive Archer® technology.

We offer the complete workflow for all your printing needs, from Pre-press to rotary screens and from digital inks to printing systems.

Digital Textile Printing

Our focus is to enable printers to use digital technologies to achieve higher standards of quality on the widest range of fabrics, maximising uptime, and giving customers the flexibility to bring ideas faster to the market.

Our offering is based on SPGPrints' ground-breaking Archer® technology and includes digital printers, in-house produced inks and global support.

Achieve higher quality with our digital solutions

Rotary Screen Textile Printing

The unique ability to apply a wide variety and quantity of ink, varnish or paste at high production speed in a continuous process with a resolution well accepted by the markets has made Rotary Screen Printing a leading printing technology. By continuously investing in product development and production efficiency we have become the leading innovator and supplier to the textile printing industry.

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Label Printing

The impact, quality and eye-catching appeal of labelling and packaging are vital ingredients in the success of all kinds of consumer and professional products. The ability to respond rapidly to advancing technology and offer inventive solutions to the changing demands of customers and brand owners is essential.

Our offering includes printing modules, rotary screens, pre-press equipment and about everything in between.

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Industrial Applications

Rotary screen printing also offers clear advantages for many industrial and security applications because of its precision, consistency, speed and uninterrupted production.

Industrial applications include wallpaper, banknotes, decor, medical, adhesives, RFID antennas, solar cells and printed electronics.

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