SPGPrints sets the future standards of printing

SPGPrints is a global leader in the textile, label & industrial printing market. We offer complete printing systems as well as individual components (consumables) which ensure that we can deliver total systems solutions for our customers. 

We were founded in 1947 and we have seventy years of experience in what we do. Our technology has proven itself in a variety of different markets and products such as fashion (clothing), home textile, labels, metallic ink on bank notes, wallpaper and decor printing. There is a good chance that you use products in which our technology is being used. Think about the t-shirt that you are wearing today, the diapers that you use for your children, the labels on the shampoo bottle and wine bottle, the surface of the laminate floor in your house or the wallpaper on the walls of your work office. Our opportunities are endless!

We have a global footprint with 10 offices. Our headquarter is based in Boxmeer, where 350 employees are located. Our manufacturing offices are located in the Netherlands, UK, Austria, Brazil, India and China. In total we employ over 1100 people worldwide. 

Our core competences:

Development and production of screens and printing systems for the textile, label & industrial printing industries. As well as the supply of consumables such as digital inks, lacquers, services and spare parts.

Our core technologies:

Electroforming, Ink formulation and ARCHER® inkjet technology

How we made printing history

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