SPGPrints coating & finishing systems: great flexibility, unique products

In today’s highly competitive market, delivering ultimate flexibility, superior quality, and unique end products is a must. Demanding textile functions require dedicated application technology. Being water and stain-repellent from one side and hydrophilic on the other side is a standard nowadays for sportswear and many other clothing products. Anti-bacterial finishes can keep your textiles fresh. Phase change materials can regulate the temperature of clothing. Just to name a few examples of coating & finishing applications.

Instable foam impregnation is often the right means for controlled, low add-on applications of nano-sized chemicals. Foam combines high volume with a small content of liquor. This makes it ideal for minimal application technology. Due to its instable consistency it collapses under normal ambient conditions. Once applied, the cell structure collapses and only the functional chemicals are deposited on the surface of the textile. Just a small quantity of water has to be vaporised, resulting in energy and chemicals savings compared to classical finishing by padding.

SPGPrints has gained experience in foam applications over many years. Handling of instable foam can only be done in a reproducible way under system pressure - in other words,  that means in a closed application system. After intensive application research and testing, a unique squeegee with two squeegee lips was developed, to handle instable foam under pressure and release it in a fully controlled manner on to the substrate. Chemical penetration into the substrate can be adjusted by foam density. 

However, foam applications require decent foam generation too. SPGPrints has therefore developed the foam generator FP 3. It has a wide working range of add-on capacity and foam density. Online chemical injection is possible and the washing programme is black-out proven.
For those who prefer to work with paste but enjoy the control-functions of the FP 3, the paste processor PP 3 is available, with all the features of the FP 3, apart from foam-making capability. It delivers a continuous and controlled flow of paste.
The closed squeegee system and the SPGPrints foam mixer FP 3 and the paste processor PP 3 are designed as integrated systems. The output is linked to the web speed; the automatic washing program includes all the supply pipes to the machine and the mixer can be operated from the same screen as the application machine.

With our Coating & Finishing program - FP 3, PP 3 and screen washer – SPGPrints gives you a competitive edge. Extremely versatile and multi-functional coating and finishing systems offer you excellent reproducibility, top quality, and the opportunity to add unique features to your products.

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