Digital decor

Digital decor Printing

Using our ground-breaking Archer® technology, we at SPGPrints have developed the PIKE printing line for industrial printing.

These PIKE printers deliver the digital advantage of cost-effective short runs, fast changeovers, minimal waste, fast time-to-market, streamlined logistics, as well as reduced stock-holding and warehousing. With these benefits, PIKE has the power to transform the production of furniture, kitchen units and furnishing for hotels, restaurants, hospitals as well as other private and public spaces.

PIKE®  700 - Digital decor Printer

The 700 mm-wide PIKE Digital decor Printer uses a central impression cylinder to apply graphic images, textures and protective coatings to laminates. These can be used to create a wide variety of effects like stone, wood, brick, ceramic tiles, among others, to enable maximum creativity cost-effectively. A wide range of protective coatings may be applied for gloss, matt, satin and silk effects, enhancing the printed images. Textures may also be added to create additional verisimilitude to furniture and other surfaces.

Find out how Digital Printing
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